To something you thought worth

To something you thought worth
You wrote the unreplied words
You sobbed the unlistened tears
You screamed the uncertained fears
For being worth was an issue
You ended up using a tissue
The words remained unattended
The tears left unpersuaded
The fears stayed uncomforted
To something you thought worth

Later you saw the tissue with stain
You wondered the price you paid for the pain
Maybe twas the time you neglected
Maybe twas the family you upsetted
Maybe twas the you you abandoned
The maybes you wondered suddenly snowballed
With the ugly emotions your thoughts rolled
Justice for the stain was not attainable
Blaming yourself seemed to be reasonable
To something you thought worth
You still thought twas worth

The tissue and stain you kept safe
In a large embossed box like a lonely grave
All the blames for writing too much words
All the guilts for having too much tears
All the loathes for stressing too much fears
And... all the craves for a pathetic attention

When the box is now overloaded
Like a magic you are suddenly aspired
To take one clean tissue with no stain
Just one last piece with extra words you want to pen
With no tears on your cheek
With no additional fears you want to prick
Just one short in a nutshell
To be inserted in that box however not for sell

"This is not worth it."

As you put down the pen you realised
The tissues also have their price
Not just the feelings you hoped lasted
But the money you spent wasted
To something you thought worth
But not worth
Not at all

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