Post-New Year Post

How would I observe 2015? How would I honor the beginning of a New Year? Because New Year has always been unimportant to me. Now we are heading to the end of March. Three months have left the opening curtain to the continual/new plays of life. The achievements somehow seem so dim almost nothing. I once had New Year resolutions back in 2012 whereby having an ice-cream while riding on carousel was on the top of everything; as cliche as it may sound, nothing was unlocked. So I gave up. 2012 taught me a lot of life lessons and those made the fake pledges not well thought out. I started to realize life cannot be all planned and jotted down onto a piece of paper. Of course there will be a lot of times an alarm bell ringing at the state of I am not prepared but a lotta bottle in me surely can combat all the rumpus. I just gotta believe. 

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