Please. Don't justify the lie.

I am back.

Ironically; some people generally say they don't like to lie and sometimes feel guilty or bad about lying, though they do it, while feeling angry and betrayed when others lie to them. Yet they commonly feel their own lies are justified or appropriate. In fact, these some people sometimes feel proud of certain lies.


Lying is fundamentally wrong. Everyone would generally acknowledge that. Though many people have this relativistic ethic, making it is okay to lie to certain groups of people or under certain circumstances which they label "little white lies" or "bohong sunat". I feel a great deal of contempt for the lie. My style is to want and to get everything out in the open, and to confront things I feel aren't true (which truth is I don't want to do the confrontation because I'm sucks at it). I know confrontation upsets a lot of people. They don't like to look at the truth. But I much prefer getting everything out in the open than dealing with someone who uses a devious, manipulative style. So really, I hate it when people lie.

The first time you feel lying is nothing, it can become a habit. Such sloppy habits and imprecisions about the truth as a decline in manners and trust; they are sickening. I distrust such people who are loose with the truth, even in everyday social situations.

I pledge mutual loyalty in relationship. The ideal of honesty becomes even stronger, so that lies become even more frowned upon. It is not something as "Sher, you look great today" lies to make me feel good because it's harmless. I am talking about the lies that threaten the hearts. 

One big lie, of course.

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