Rombongan Cik Sheriel ke Putrajaya!

I can't remember who owns the idea of a sweet gathering and picnic but however we successfully made it and it was at Putrajaya. Honestly, Putrajaya was not exactly a place I would want to go for a memorable catching up session. Because, I don't know. I had several times just unfortunate lost in Putrajaya since there are so many signboards and roads, 'Precint' here and there and there's no U-turn. However, I have to dismiss all the negative thoughts about it after a fĂȘte champĂȘtre at Taman Wetland.

Our journey began with me picking up Izyan at Sungai Buloh and the rest at Bandar Tasik Selatan LRT station. We headed to Kuncup's house after that and everything was just as smooth as we expected. Alhamdulillah.
On our way to Kuncup's house at Bangi.
We reached Taman Wetland at 12.30pm and found a beautiful small garden hut facing a swan lake. Just perfect. There was blue sky, there was sun, there were foods of course. There were all the people I love and who love each other - sat in a circle on a entah-siapa-punya-blue silk satin that I found at home just the night before. Bahaha! I made apple crumble and fettuccine for the feast, home-cooked at it best I have to brag. My friends made do with what they had (money), so pizza and cake came into the picture. Lol Sorry people, just kidding. Don't hate me crows. We had so much fun just eating and having the cozy chats. Everything looked the same, except, of course we were not complete. Nabila and Sakinah were absent. Sobs.

We covered pretty much the whole of Putrajaya on that day, probably cause it wasn't that big. We also managed to get an awesome panoramic view of it from the top of a hill via Menara Tinjau. The view was splendid! ++ ratings! Wow, I had really underestimated Putrajaya eh? Had so much fun that day soooooooo many pictures!

Disclaimer: The word and color are abundant in this post. Should you be sensitive to it, stop scrolling now. Sorry. Too late eh?

Tell you it aint easy to capture this one. The selfie stick and Kuncup's phone were both heavy! Haha

Psst. I was wearing my father's shirt that day. He wasn't home and I missed him.

However, the weather was initially guilty of derailing some of the things we wanted to do. We could only make the most of our short time there by just enjoying the breath taking scenery really.

The picnic was steered off a bit from the original plan. But, with these girls I don't think we would stick with one. There's even no such thing as a plan. Everything we did was so random, so impulsive it felt FUN. There were a few bumps along the way but overall it was fun getting to spend time with friends doing things so spontaneously. I wished a few more babes could have followed though especially you, Nabila and Sakinah! So our last stop was the famous bridge just to have the background of Masjid Sultan Zainal Abidin at the back. Such breathtaking.

Tiyah, thank you!
That weekend was just what I needed to take my mind away from things, even if it was just for a bit. We can't escape reality forever, can we? I had a nice weekend down in Putrajaya and I'm starting to fall in like with it. There's just a lot to explore and I think a couple more visits might be on the books in the future. But as of now, it should probably be time for me to crank up the gears on this thing called office commitments!

Okay lah. Another boring Saturday is happening today and a friend has promised me for a late-night movie. Till then!

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