Nov 11, 2014

Harut & Marut - Part 3

When the two angels were committing wrong with Zuhrah under the effect of wine, as they both were intoxicated, Allah split-open the heaven and the angels above saw how were their two brothers misconducting everything and they said:
"Glory to You, you know better." The other angels took this episode as a lesson and warning and they refrained from criticizing men and refrained from bearing the conviction that they would do better than men even with carnal desires.
Allah knows perfectly the weakness of men due to his nafs but nevertheless He wants men to achieve the greatest goal even though he is inclined to evil. Men are not just the target of his own evil desires but also the main target of Satan. Men have therefore to fight with both. How great is that men who in spite of all these traps exposing on their ways and reach successfully the gate of bliss.
A Sufi poet once said:
"Jubilantly I glide onto the furious waves. For life without hardship is a hell for the brave."
May Allah help us to reach our destinations successfully and let us not be enslaved by our passions and desires but rather let us be the masters for our desires and may Allah protect us from satanic thoughts. Ameen.
The two angels, Harut and Marut were vulnerable as human beings and they were unable to get a way-out from a woman's wiles and other offences. The ten carnal desires Allah gave to them were as if ten devils they had to fight and exterminate but that was not an easy task although they were angels. They did not realize how much men must strive the evil dictation of their desires. Harut and Marut boasted they could do better than men in prevailing justice and peace on earth, unfortunately they became the preys for a beautiful woman.
Zuhrah who came to know the secret, that is the greatest name of Allah from the two angels at once uttered the name and she disappeared from the surface of earth and she was never seen again. Allah however forgave her for the sins she committed. Allah transformed her into the planet "Venus". She will be thus until the end of time.
Harut and Marut became sober, they realized how they had transgressed and what had befallen them. They tried to ascend the heaven by uttering the greatest name of Allah but they were made to forget it. They therefore, realized how Allah's word had turned true. They prostrated and prayed to win Allah's forgiveness. Allah then said to them, "You reproached man for his faulty nature, now you have seen that having carnal desires as his, you will act in no way differently and all his iniquity has now became yours."
The two angels were left to choose between punishments of this world or the external pains of hell. They preferred to expiate their offences on earth. Allah accepted and it was Prophet Sulaiman (A.S), whom Allah inspired after the recovery of his kingdom to make the two angels choose between the two.
The two angels were put in fetters from their ankles to their neck and they were placed in a certain well in the Babylon. They were strung up by their feet where they have been in torment ever since. It is said that they are strung up by their feet everyday between the hour of Maghrib and Isya', such will be their punishment until the day of Judgment.
They will be then forgiven and their angelic nature will be returned to them and they will be sent abode. Insya Allah.
Source: Harut & Marut, The Fallen Angels of Babil by Mohamad Yasin Owadally (1997)

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