Nov 10, 2014

Harut & Marut - Part 2

Harut was sent as a Judge whereas Marut as a Scholar with the instructions to avoid the sins of idolatry (and any acts of associating Allah with something else), fornication, murder and the consumption of wine. They lived and consumed foods just like the human beings. Their judgments were appraised.
One day, a woman named Zuhrah appeared to them. She was wondrously beautiful as she was given half of all beauty on this earth. Harut and Marut were captivated by the charms and beauty of Zuhrah. Zuhrah somehow could tell that these two men were no ordinary persons. She thought they must be other creatures in human forms who have got secrets with them. Therefore, she tried her best by means of her beauty and tricks to bring out the secret.
These two angels, by means of the greatest name of Allah could leave the earth in no time to their abode in the heaven. They used this secret to ascend to heaven whenever they wished. Zuhrah wanted at all costs to know the secrets of Harut and Marut, so she invited them to her place, served them with the best food.
Now, they wanted to commit adultery with her as they were captivated by her beauty but she said, "No, not unless you associate 'partners' with God, consume wine, murder someone and prostrate before idol." One of them said, "We cannot associate anything with God." Then one of them said, "Return to her." But she said, "Not until you drink."
They were then served with wine and the dance of Zuhrah accompanied by music injected with satanic atmosphere so these angels forgot their mission and committed several sins in order to win a woman's favours.
A beggar was passing by and witnessed their misconduct but they killed him too. And during their state of inebriet, they disclosed to Zuhrah their greatest secret which Allah has vouchsafed to them. Thus Zuhrah came to know it.
The secret she eagerly wanted to know by leaving no stone unturned had been finally revealed to her.
To be continued...

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