Nov 6, 2014

Harut & Marut - Part 1

In the reign of king and Prophet Sulaiman (A.S), Satan managed and succeeded in impersonating the prophet for forty days by the mighty signet-ring on which was inscribed the greatest name of Allah. Sulaiman (A.S) was exiled from his own land and nobody recognised him to be the very king and Prophet.
During these 40 days, Satan wrote several books on witchcraft and buried them under the throne of Sulaiman (A.S). The Jinns used typical and treacherous ploys to convince people that Sulaiman (A.S), derived his power and kingdom by 'witchcraft'. To prove his words, he exhumed the books from under the throne and showed them to the people. Thus the people interested in magic; they thought they would master of their fate by going through witchcraft and that ultimate power would be invested to them.
However, Satan spread corruption and discordance among the people. Only few of them were God-fearing ones, but it was not an easy work for them to make such a people return to the path of success. The situation worsened. So Allah split open the heaven and let the angels see what mankind was doing and when the angels saw men committing wrong they said, "These humans you created with your hand, to whom you taught names of everything are committing wrong."
The scene the angels witnessed on man, impelled them to make derogatory remarks on mankind, criticizing the people on earth and their illegal ruling. Allah said to them, "But if you were in their place, you would be doing the same thing." In another source and tradition it is said that Allah said to the angels, "I gave mankind ten carnal desires and it is through these that they disobey Me."
So Allah challenged the angels to do better if placed under the same condition. They accepted and said, "O' Lord, if you give us these carnal desires we would descend and we would judge with justice."
The angels were commanded to choose one who would be sent to earth and they finally chose Harut and Marut.
Allah said to them, "Go down, I have given you ten carnal desires so judge between the people." So the two angels, Harut and Marut were sent to the city of Babylon.
"Sorcery did they teach to men, and what had been revealed to the two angels Harut and Marut at Babil." - 2:102
To be continued...

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