Bebel Sikit

Driving to work today, I listened to HOT FM morning crew which’s similar to other radio stations, this one also has the morning topic to moot every day. I don’t fancy listening to radio actually but I left my playlist at home and I need music to distract my mind from the cracked traffic. So today’s topic was “Kenapa kau unfollower orang kat Twitter?”. I honestly thought it was a wise subject to be discussed for some reasons:-

1) I am on Twitter and I’ve seen a bunch of crazy people tweeting (insulting and derogatory) others religions, races and cultures.

2) I just hate all the Public Displays of Affection (PDA) couple who I can say almost 24 hours they have exhausted other means of communications (meeting up personally/phone/texting).

3) A person starts bashing an idiot and within an hour the bashes snowball. I don’t understand the excitement of doing such thing because that just reflects how stupid you are (as well).

4) People who write on their walls deliberately want to address the tweets to other people but not to mention the names but trying hard so that the other people get that these people are mad. It’s friggin obnoxious especially when the tweets are endless until they get a reply.

5) You know lah, the trend of defeating the purpose of glorious invention that is the keyboard. “U da mam kew?” Don’t be blardy lazy and retarded.

When I thought it was a wise subject, I was truthfully looking forward to hear the calls. So this one girl (I assumed she is school-aged) rang up and introduced herself as, urm, I forgot what’s the name so the DJs asked her, “Kenapa awak unfollow orang kat Twitter?”

Guess what did she reply?

“Sebab account ni kan, dia ada 1.9Mil followers. Saya nak tengok kalau saya unfollower jadi tak 1.8Mil. Saja suka-suka! Tapi kan, tak jadi pun 1.8Mil, still 1.9Mil jugak.”

Oh, you want to know what did the DJs reply back? Yea, sure.

Kalau awak unfollow dia, maknanya ada orang follow dia balik la tu. Sebab tu masih 1.9Mil.” And they laughed.

Hurm. I really think she should’ve studied the decimal rules first before she called the radio. Or the DJs and she can have a study group together. Anyone who is interested to be the tutor can submit your resume to the HOT fm. website. Thank you.

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