I went to Starbucks just now for a Green Tea Latte and the barista asked my name so he could write it on the cup. I hate it when people screw up my name by pronouncing it wrong or ask “with the e or the i?” and I had quite a few times of experience having people ended up calling me “Kak Cik” or “Kak Long” just to make their lives easier, so I decided to go for a dubiously generic English name, “It’s Suzy.”

And the boy asked me, “With the i or the y?”

I couldn’t help but laugh hysterically. He looked at me, dumbfounded. So I just told him, “It’s Sheriel actually.”

He looked at me with a slight frown and a twisted smile. “You wanted to give me something simpler to write down, are you? Sorry that I screwed up that one as well.” I burst out laughing and so did he.

Guess what. This time someone has made it. SHERIEL with a smile.

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