A Damn of Books

I have composed this post since the last few months and in which I don't have any idea why it remained in the drafts until I found out about it five minutes ago. So yes, what happened in February was:

Sometimes when I am stressed, I like to organize things superfluously like re-arranging or alphabetizing my books because it gives me this great sense of order, a pleasing feeling of triumph and so I would pretend that that actually applies to my life. Ceh.

This time, the factor was not “I am stressed” but my youngest sister is at home for semester break so she thought of doing something useful besides utilizing every second by being a couch potato. We had so much fun, long story short we made it!

Now feeling tired and achey. Till then. Bye.

p/s: My father just took out one book from the shelf and did not put it back in the right order. Haih.

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