I have just picked up one spiritual ritual in my life: every morning I would check all the medias available to learn and keep in touch with the news of MH370 that went missing while I was sleeping on the night of March 8, 2014. And this kind of obsession for the unfolding spectacle will never end until the plane is found.

However, I have learnt more that the Internet, the two-ton gorilla of global media and communications can be disgusting, sickening and gruesome to some extents. The notion that people believe the Internet sets us free and permits everyone to communicate effectively, hence undermining the truth. The fact that everyone in the world can now be an author, photographer, videographer and publisher, creates some unwelcome gossips and speculations.

First, I cannot believe the analysis on CNN; it’s disturbing to the max. This one global conglomerate is also obsessed, clamoring for information with more hypotheses and wacko theories of their own.

CNN once questioned the issue of terrorism. They even reported if the diversion of Malaysia Airlines 370 was not an act of terrorism; the other likely scenarios are a pilot suicide attempt, the piracy of the plane for some kind of economic reason or the commandeering of the aircraft by someone with an idiosyncratic motive. Tension and conflict with religion underpinnings were made even problematic with media reportage that feeds on the dramatic, the gory and the tragic. Is CNN pandering to voyeurism for higher ratings and wider circulation?

Just because it is a Malaysia flight and flew by Muslims so now the religion stories are escalated. I have noticed that religion stories are routinely judged and framed by the media to, albeit alternatively, misrepresent and disrespect the essence of what adherents of different faiths believe in. This might blow your mind but not every Muslim is a terrorist, just like every Christian is not in the Westboro Baptist Church. So, keep your 9/11 racism post to yourself (I highly doubt about that either).

At this time, the whole world is focusing on the missing flight and some idiots would not let themselves to be left out without speculations, countless jokes and memes about this. The movement is something like this; one created a speculation, within seconds, the speculations were broadcasted to the fifteen hundred plus people who followed him on Twitter. Within an hour, two dozen others used Twitter to share their speculations. Thousands of negative speculations ensued. The speculations snowballed. Crazy ain’t it?

This is not a celluloid world, bogeys. We are speaking of 239 lives. 239 for you might just a number, until you consider them individually. We are speaking of the families who are now waiting with myriad hopes and prayers that their loved ones are safe. Detachment is your privilege but you might want to know that most importantly we are speaking of humanity.

Long before the sun set on 8th March 2014, a hashtag was born on Twitter that soon started trending globally #PrayForMH370.

I have never been on an airplane. But a lot of friends told me that MAS hospitality is endearing and it warms the cockles of everyone’s heart on board. Each time it lands back in Kuala Lumpur, they will hear such announcement is made:

“To our passengers, welcome to Malaysia. To Malaysians, welcome home."

I pine to say the same thing to you.

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