Fish vs. Chicken

What did you have for dinner?

I cooked kuey teow.

Awesome. Eh, I have a question for you. Do you like mee? The yellow mee?

Nope. I would prefer mee hoon and kuey teow instead of that yellow noodles. Why?

Same with me. I despise that yellow mee. That's the last thing I would eat.

Kan? It tastes funny. With all that bitter and plastic smell. I think it only tastes good with chicken curry. Other than that, it tastes yucky!

How about poultry and fish? Which one do you prefer?


This time tak sama. *laughing

Fish is good for health.

For me it's not. It contains a lot of proteins. Too much proteins means too much uric acid precipitation. Same with other seafood, fish is considered as one of the trigger foods for Arthritis. A joint disorder that involves inflammation of one or more joints. Macam gout.

I once read that fish is not included as one of the sources of inflammation. I believe fish is better compared to chicken. It has the omega-3 fatty acids that can reduce the risk of heart disease. And other diseases as well. Poultry nowadays banyak dah kena suntik. It's not good for health, obviously.

Habis you ingat the all the fish live in clean water? The water has been contaminated, air sungai lagi lah. And I don't like the names of the fish, there are too much names whereas all taste the same, all hanyir.

Nope. All is different. The taste, the physical, the texture. It depends on whether you are looking for a nice fish taste or a more bland taste. A delicate textured fish will be a smaller flaked meat, the medium texture fish is firm, but tender and the firm textured fish is much like a tender beef steak. And if you handle them with proper care and wash them with lime, takkan hanyir.

*laughing. You can show me the difference, tapi once you cook them, they are still fish. Rasa ikan juga.

Taste bud you dah rosak kot.

Eh! Taste bud kita pulak yang kena. Taste bud dia delusional. Tak ada rasa kata ada rasa. *laughing. Fish bukan saja banyak kekurangan dari segi scientific, juga dari segi economy. Poultry and egg are proven as a source of tremendous amount of comparatively cheap food of high nutritional quality. You compare, the price belanja orang makan ikan bakar dengan belanja orang makan KFC. Which one is more expensive? Tak percaya kita buat experiment, mula-mula you belanja I ikan bakar, then I belanja you KFC. Amacam?

From the economic point of view, I cannot deny that. The truth, fish is more expensive. So tak payah belanja, I dah tahu. *laughing

*laughing. But you still cannot argue the scientific part  whereby all fish contain high level of protein.

Isn't that high level of protein is good for health, like growth?

Yeah, if you are like 10. Are you? *smirking. *laughing.


*laughing. Okay okay. Fish is still good for health, it is still in the diet pyramid. That means something kan? *laughing. There, I helped you a bit.

Very funny.

You, I love chickens. Itu yang sehabis baik I cari all the information about chickens and the weakness of fish. It's not that your fish doesn't have all the good nutrients and properties.

Okay. To be fair for both of us, the nutrients and the goodness of both depend on the frequency of consuming them and on the way you cook them. Right?

You won.

Fish won.


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