People change as does everything

people change

Picture courtesy of Ruh Dias
 "I cannot reach you from this side of the panes, you are no longer familiar, grown mysterious, have taken on different shades. And I cannot claim to know you anymore." - Muhammad Haji Salleh, THE TREE.
A bond of familiarity formed between us, once, following the good times. And to my relief, I regained some normalcy in my life. Conversations and dalliances grew intimate. I called that a development. Things have changed. So do you. Everything. Cold and lifeless days were. But still, the air was ripe with promise.
To try and quiet her mind, Sheriel deployed her thoughts to other things, to ongoing projects and cases at work, to new badminton techniques she was planning to experiment with, to memories of great friends and families. The diversion worked, but fleeting.
When you compromise for someone, you are saying to the person that you care enough to give up a part of yourself, to make thousand things work. And the compromise actually turn you into a better person. That's a good change.

Sheriel, it's me.
Do you know true love snapshots? Have you heard of it before?
Not a clue.
 Months passed by and someone just now, has said to me that I look blissful. I feel blissful and full of awe. My piece of life has changed and transmitted. The chances to be better, the life that allows opportunity to flourish.
Sheriel drew great pleasure watching the excitement of people coming to her house. She joined the rest of the family in the living room, and in great anticipation, waited with them for her small birthday feast.
Thanks for checking in. Cheerios! Eh, assalamualaikum.