When the Judgmental Gets You


I spent quite a few hours reading about judgmental Muslims just now and it occurred to me how can someone be so judgmental without knowing the other person inside out and surely one sin does not define the entire being. Surviving law school for four years and mixing with different kinds of people in UIA left me something to chew on or at least it closes a little vacancy in my brain. There are two 'musolla's in AIKOL, one in level three and another one in level two which I loved to bare cotching until one day when the election season came and AIKOL was abuzz with campaigns from the support systems of those who contested, I was passing through them and one groupie handed me a pamphlet and said, "Jangan lupa undi A****h!" I just smiled, slightly nodded and went away. It was Zuhur after that so I went up to level two for prayer. Finished praying, I lie down to take a nap and probably thought I was asleep or didn't realize my presence:

A: Aku rasa kita bagi pamphlet untuk orang yang betul akan vote kita.
B: We never know lah.
A: No, maksud aku kita bagi untuk 'orang macam kita' (tudung labuh, arm socks etc)
B: Oh, faham.
C: Rasanya macam membazir banyak pamphlet untuk budak-budak Aikol yang entah apa-apa. Ramai yang tak pakai tudung pun kat luar, berjimba sana sini,  takkanlah diorang nak vote kita.

I was dumbfounded, really. I got up and couldn't help but staring at them. I didn't know what to say. They left me speechless and I knew they too were quite surprised the fact that someone actually listened to what they've said and even more surprising that someone just caught them in a sin of giving unfounded assessment of other people and being super judgmental. Mereka baru perasan yang mereka bukan ma'sum seperti Rasul Allah or is it being judgmental is not sinful?

It's annoying because those are the people who insisting to call you 'brother' or 'sister' (it's the culture to call someone 'brother' or 'sister' in UIA, supposedly it's to show ukhwah fillah abadan abada, but I digress). Do not make a statement based on someone's appearance and hearsay which I believe that isn't what the Islamic dogma of Al-Quran and Sunnah. Dear my brothers and sisters in Islam, why don't we leave the power to judge to Allah and let Him be the ultimate one and judge us on the judgment day wherein we differ. Real Islam is loving Allah from the core of one's heart, being nice to fellow humans regardless what color they are,  where they're coming from, which sect they belong to and even what religion they profess and helping others in need. Unfortunately, real Islam does not speak about rejecting other Muslims to get a large number of voting.

And, let me ask you, if we really are brethren according to Islam, why are you cold-shouldering people who are different from you? Not only that, you exclude them, you demean them, you make them feel alienated just because of a shortcoming.

"Aku tak nak dapat dosa."
"Aku tak nak terjebak sekali dalam maksiat."
"Aku malu duduk dengan kau dan kawan-kawan kau."
"Aku tak suka la dengan dia tu, kawan dengan lelaki je."
"Aku rimas dengar kau asyik pasang lagu English, tak ada nasyid ke?"
"Kau tak malu ke hidup kau macam ni?"
"Mak bapak kau tak ajar?"

I say bullshit. Since you really are the exalted ones, why not you help out our poor tortured souls? This illustrates a part of Ummah's reality nowadays, which is the deep-seated racism and hypocrisy creeping and poisoning them without them realizing it and yet they curse other people for not being able to follow the right path. Some people want to change but they don't know how, they're afraid to do so and there's like thousand reasons and excuses that need someone to guide them, that someone is you, yes you, the guy on mighty high horse. There's no point in only preaching 'orang macam kamu' with bold knowledge about Islam, they don't really need it compared to us, the lower scums of the Earth.

Siapa kata kau tak dapat dosa? Kau tinggalkan kami terapung-apung sedang kau kumpul pahala berbukit-bukit. Bukan pentingkan diri namanya tu?

And these are somethings to ponder.

Always, always assume the best of others. Assalamualaikum.

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