Speed of Nothing

It's been near to a month *I think* since I last blogged. And honestly, I hate myself for it. It's not that I don't want to but I just can't find the time. Life has been hectic recently. And now, here we are, on the 1st of February. I can't believe how fast time flew last year. I mean, really really fast. 2012 had it's fair share of high highs and low lows for me. Not to forget some good news about people around me who got married, labored the first child, started dating, so on and on, any other good news you would easily identify. As cliche as it might sound, I am thankful for everything He has set for me. Truly. I 'traveled' a lot in knowing and understanding my own popular people and it's worth the effort. I can't help but loving them more than before and how I appreciate the chances to fix things which incessantly caused me funk and anguish in times past. There are a lot of new things that I will forever remember in living my life this day forward. *Tapping tapping tapping. Oh yes! I considered publishing my six drafts just now and it occurred to me those have been outdated, so being a rash me I am now somewhat chagrined for successfully not being able to get them back (I deleted all six). *Tapping tapping tapping. Thought of dropping by and checking out on what's been happening in blogsphere but it's already 3.30 a.m. Better get some sleep for another tale, tomorrow. Take care. Selamat pagi. Assalamualaikum.

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