Mukashafah Al-Qulub

I was lying on bed this morning, drifting about in that rather uncomfortable zone between sleeping and waking, when I remembered a promise to Mama to help her mopping today. We had quite an interesting conversation about doomsday, the fuss about the end of the world, the Mayan prediction etc etc which sure enough they gave me necessary stamina to do the chores. I'd read somewhere about this prediction a couple of weeks ago with what is said was a 'trending' in 2010, but curiously has grown silent during 2012? I wasn't informative in 2010 compared to myself today, I guess.

One of my friends put it on Facebook, how very disappointing that the prediction was wrong, the most terrible thing that happened yesterday was a male penguin ate it's own newly-hatched chick at a zoo in northeast China's Heilongjiang province. This expression my friend is having, in turn may have given rise to the 'how arse you can be' - a vital exclamation protesting ungrateful people whom we should drop thousand bombs with precision onto their head. So that they could die in ease. I know what is sarcasm if anyone wanted to tell me it's mere a sarcastic statement as to show the Mayan people has been doing unrealistic research whatnot. Knowing her so well, she used to feel a bit pathetic for being single as the world is going to end soon. No joke.

But, that's not the biggest highlight for today. Just, pray with me that this friend will somehow realize that there is an infinite number of other things to worry about in which instituting a universally acceptable concerns or consciousness.

OKAY. Back to business. Last few months (quite a long time huh?), I was looking for something to read on my bookcases and I stumbled upon something that is very valuable and this intrigues me to share this with everyone. It is Mukashafah Al-Qulub by Imam Al-Ghazali which has been translated into Bahasa Malaysia so pretty easy to read and understand the contents. It is a fantastic reading with a wonderfully wide range of knowledge, sirah nabawiyah, beautiful stories of great Muslims and quranic verses and hadith as the main reference. I think we can all agree that sometimes we just feel something is not right unknowingly what is the real problem. I'm not one for relaxing myself, I need the best therapy to heal, to feel calm. It's not as easy as 'take a chill pill and loosen up'. Yeah.

I recall turning up at night and a certain dissapointment I sighed for not being able to change things. I used to think my life was a complete bummer and my worries came in a whole host of shapes and sizes. There were days - an alarming number of days when I felt alienated. I felt raw concerning silly things. Such moments exist. So I spent my time thinking as positive as I could and focused on the good stuffs, they only gave myself some respite from all the crap. And slowly convinced myself that one's life is not, in fact, a wall to wall horror show. To see that some of my little episodes were self-inflicted, I started niggling away at something until I found that I couldn't stop. I was half panicky up there, not exaggerating.

To tell you the truth, there are three things that help me changing myself a lot; a) Mama, b) Usrah, c) Mukashafah Al-Qulub. I am more relaxed, relieved and happy. I've found my real meditative state. I'm getting old and the decision taken to be a better person is the best one. Life is too short to pretend to enjoy something when it's clearly just temporary. In fact we know the eternal happiness is not here, it cannot be here. To genuinely attain the eternal happiness, we need to follow the right path which already given by HIM through HIS words in Al-Quran and Al-Hadith. We just need to hold onto them.

"Allah SWT berfirman:
Katakanlah, jika kamu menyintai Allah maka ikutilah aku, nescaya Allah akan mengasihimu...
Ali Imran : 31

Ketahuilah bahawa mahabbah seorang hamba kepada Allah SWT dan Rasul-Nya bererti ketaatan dan kepatuhannya kepada Allah dan Rasul-Nya. Ada pun mahabbah Allah kepada hamba adalah pemberian nikmat-Nya kepada hamba itu berupa keampunan. Dikatakan bahawa jika seorang hamba tahu bahawa kesempurnaan hakiki hanyalah milik Allah dan setiap kesempurnaan yang dia lihat dari dirinya atau orang lain adalah dari dan berkat pertolongan Allah jua, tentu cintanya hanya untuk Allah. Dia taat kepada-Nya dan suka sesuatu yang mendekatkan dia kepada-Nya. Untuk kemudian mahabbah itu terwujud pula dalam bentuk taat dan patuh kepada Rasul Allah SAW dalam ibadahnya.

Abul Hassan al-Zanjani berkata, "Pokok ibadah itu pada tiga tiang: mata, hati dan lisan. Mata mengambil ibarat, hati berfikir dan lisan berkata dengan jujur, bertasbih dan berzikir.

Seperti firman Allah:

..... ingatlah kepada Allah dengan ingatan yang banyak di waktu pagi dan petang.
Al-Ahzab : 41-42" 

- Source : Mukashafah Al-Qulub, Bab 11, Taat dan Mahabbah Kepada Allah SWT dan Rasul-Nya

Prepare yourself with action, people. Assalamualaikum.

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