Kampung Dusun Hilir, Layang-layang Kiri, Parit

"When you revisit a place you love after many years, does not your heart beat with anxiety as well as eagerness?"
Adibah Amin, As I Was Passing II, 1976

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The above scenes taken from my Opah's house at  Kampung Dusun Hilir, Layang-layang Kiri, Parit, Perak Darul Ridzuan. Parit has not changed as much as I feared. I feared for not being able to see the green, the old traditional and classical house. For me, they set rather than a timeless piece of architecture. There are all those new buildings, of course - the factories and shops and hotels sprouting everywhere yet not discriminating the rural beauty.

I have three rules about holiday. One, an obligation to mooch around all by myself along the beach. If one is impossible to do, here's number two, go somewhere quiet, pack your stuffs and go to the Kampung. But number three is a mandatory, the place must be a food heaven for my big gob! About Parit, apart from the beauty and fresh air, the DURIANs and lingo are going to jawbone your mental and physical endurance. I am not a durian hard fan but the masak tempoyak is one damn good thing. It's like a 'sure eat guarantee' menu, it's spicy a bit and have the sweet for my liking.

(I don't have enough time to write much longer)

"Kamu usoh ler balik awei bebenor, kamu duduk sini sehari due lagi. Ape banyok sangat ke kerojenye di Kuale Lumpur tu? Kamu jangan lupekan Opah. Opah ni kalau boleh berjalan, nak juge sampei ke Kuala Lumpur tu. Kamu jage diri elok-elok yer?"
Tsk Tsk

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absolutely beautiful. really artistic.