Above and Beyond the Call to Write

Nothing besides work and rain dared happen for the next couple of weeks (after my last blog post). Ke ada?

This was just as well, since life schedules and travelling (a small amount of miles yet being considered for it involved money and lotsa sacrifices) took over my waking hours, and missed deadlines and errant appointments haunted my nights. To recap the one and half fortnight's big and small events:

1. It rained heavy and long for almost a week, forcing folks in my neighborhood hanged their clothes anywhere that rain-free area. And that included my room for my mom. And some worked for clogged drains and water jams, ran amok especially those who live in low-lying areas. It seems that the authority needs to do something fleet of foot regarding this matter. But anyways, I enjoyed playing with rain. Teheee#1

2. Friends came to my house and threw a party celebrating my birthday. And that made me gobsmacked cause to be very honest I didn't expect it to be so vibrant and rousing. A best friend trolled the BBQ stuffs and foods. Everyone was so pleased as punch eating and chatting, keeping up with stories as we're no longer having the opportunity to stand around and spend time together almost at every hour like we used to be. The circumstances no more the same as before. That is the saddest part to be brooded over. Urgh! Well, another best friend brought us back to childhood with silly games like 'Kotak Beracun' and 'Musical Chair' which on the average of 23-24 years old, we fought for the prizes and got on tenterhooks for the chances of losing the game! Hahaha. I will never ever forget the moment my friends won it, the excitement of making it to the last and winning 'So Chew' bars. The entire evening was funny as a barrel of monkeys to point out as though being a monkey is everyone's alter ego. Teheee#2

Thank you Tona, Kora, Cici, Chip, Nadia, Dina, Ruqayyah, Izzati and Naa for bringing me the craziness and ecstasy! Thank you for the cake, for the foods, for the balloons, for the pictures, for the helps, for the candies and bars, for the laughs, for the tears, for the screams, for the excitements for my B-day, for being my friends though at certain points I'm good with lame jokes and kinda annoying especially on matters managing my laziness going to class and to remind you to handle this sleepy big headed is something serious. Jokes aside. Teheee#3.

This is the real 'Burger Bakar' people!
The collage picture looks something wrong because of the exposure setting on the camera. Macam berkilat dan terlalu bercahaya. Teheee#4

3. It was Deepavali Day last week so I spent my holiday with family at home. Like finally the chance to escape from the dumps happened. We cooked and watched Hindi movie together. Nothing much. But then suddenly I felt a little blue realizing we haven't been doing this for almost half a year. Distance matters. To have a complete six members we had to wait in the long run.

"What's up?"

We all roared with laughter, the 3idiots really made our day. And somehow our talk moved to science and the invention of recent technologies.

"Imagine a phone that can smell you!"
"Ye lah, phone sekarang boleh dengar, boleh tengok muka bila sembang. Macam mana kalau phone boleh bau?"
"Diam lah ngah. You don't even understand what is Android for God sake! Lagi ada hati nak invent phone yang boleh bau!"
*Ketawa ketawa ketawa dan ketawa. Teheee#5

4. I called a doctor friend and asked him about my severe headache. He was on a day off so he told me to come over and have lunch together. Upon reaching the restaurant, I captured he was sitting with friends. And somehow from the appearances, my psychic power told me that was a group of physicians. I approached them and within three minutes, the ice was broken.

"Did you hear the one about the nurse and the prostrate patient ..............?"
"You mean prostate patient?"
"No, I mean prostrate patient."

God knows I love all the doctors, but as far as the conversation went this lot was about as sparkling as the orange juice in my glass. I took a sip of the awful concoction and wondered how soon I'd be able to escape. A zombifying boredom.

"So Sheriel, tell me about your headache."
In front of all people?
"Well, I think it's a normal headache. Sakit tu dah kurang."

5. Oh yes! I forgot to express my gratitude for the birthday wishes you people sent me either they were through phone call, phone text, Facebook, Twitter and so on. Thanks a bunch! Teheee#6

"Assalamualaikum. I want to say THANK YOU to everyone for wishing me a HAPPY BIRTHDAY and making it that much more special! :) In the past few days, a lot has been happening. Due to such a packed schedule, it took me a long time to reply all the comments and messages. Some good wishes and prayers that left me speechless and not to forget, those that nearly made me cry. :') I am officially 23! But I have to admit, being 23 this year brings a lot more responsibility on my both shoulders and it's about time to get down to brass tacks. Ececeh ;p Thanks to HIM for giving me these wonderful years and surrounding me with awesome family and friends, for the good health (as good as I've got really) and for everything HE has given to me, whether they were good or bad. Thank you to every one in my past, present and future. You guys truly mean the world to me!"
- Copied from my Facebook status.

Postscript: Teheee meant to annoy someone. Bye!

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