Ini dia nostalgia lama dan sedikit sumpah seranah.

It all began with a ringtone I heard from Along's phone.

"Wahai janji setia sudah diucapkan. Aduh, kata bersumpah telah ku padukan..."

"What song is this? Sounds like Yuna singing this song."
"Yuna buat cover. An old song by Rokiah Wanda, bulan ditutup awan."
"The lyric is so rich."

Which made me think of what me and Abah have in common, the taste in arts, and that started a series of images, posters, catchy dialogues from our favorite movies, melodious rhythm and beautiful lyrics, falling like dominoes. Once Abah had his Radio Klasik f.m in car, my siblings got hopping mad trying to change the channel, considered Abah as one good old boy they didn't even listen to the music first. It was an unsettling and gloomy atmosphere to him, heating was playing up. Instead of listening to an outraged phone-in, I turned back to his Radio Klasik f.m. We were just about to enjoy the sound of furious engine when the announcer said, 'Janganlah Tenong-tenong, dendangan Nona Asiah'. We piped down and listened to that so simple yet has the 'perisa' song. It was something that I won't be able to forget.

It is sad that very often we are impelled to appreciate someone's works because he's no longer with us, when we just realized that those works were supposed to be appreciated a long time ago yet he was punished by our super class bias society, primitive narrow minded people that happened to ruin someone's fortune.

I watched the heart wrenching P.Ramlee documentary on the History Channel last year if I am not mistaken. It transpired that our one and only film icon had died penniless and shunned by the public, not to mention even by his own colleagues. When he had to move to Merdeka studio and left all the glimmers and glitters behind, he didn't know that it was going to slay his happiness in making movie. What he wanted were just an equipped studio and a chance to bring his artworks to a higher level.

He tried to reinvent himself and sought a bank loan- apparently he was rejected. Everyone seemed trying very hard to pull the plug of his hard works, well including RTM. P.Ramlee by now, tragically stressed out, overweight and disheveled. Pathetic much that he had to run mahjong tables and sing at weddings to put food on the table for his family.

He died in the situation of completely broke and there was no rice in his house. Saloma had no money for his funeral. It was a heartbreaking moment according to Abah. Our Malaysia just did not have the infrastructure, manpower and expertise to accommodate his enormous talent. Despite of all these shits, I believe that our government today has already paid the amounts by apologizing to his descendants and his movies are still being played on TV as to remember what he had given to make Malaysia so well-rounded at that time. A typical 'blessing in disguise'? You decide.

The best accolade of an artist is when he can produce something that beyond our imagination yet  corresponding to our culture, which an old cliche commentary will be, 'That's so true! Kenapa tak pernah terfikir ek?' Believe me, it's not easy. Most people who want to get in the 'creative industry' be it TV, music, film, poetry, whatever, have this idea that it means sitting around and being creative. That is bullshit. Honestly, I hate watching our recent stupid films and do not hesitate to give you a list!

1. Hantu dalam botol kicap
2. 7 petala cinta
3. Sifu dan tongga
4. Adnan sempit
5. Hantu bonceng
6. Kembar siang
7. Toyol
8. Senario ops pocot
9. Karipap-karipap cinta
10. Datin ghairah (yang paling bodoh)

And so much more.

Under the name of contemporary film makers, none of these pieces can be considered as arts. They are like a bunch of dimes and dozens. So, what do you expect when Malaysians do not support their own people? Well, you (the script writers, the directors, the producers) should do research to replace your so lack in interest as not to merit consideration for inclusion in our 'waiting list' as to showcase your so contemporary Malaysian national literature. At heart, the problem lies in the quality of script writing. They further fail to highlight decent messages what more to set forth our rich culture.

Paling tidak, kau buka, baca dan kaji semula apa yang terdapat dalam buku KOMSAS kita dari Tingkatan 1  - Tingkatan 5. Dari situ kau mungkin tahu dan faham seni itu apa dan tidak mungkin memperbodohkan diri kau di ruangan kredit dan balik tabir filem-filem sampah kau itu.

Or you could try reading this anthology by Siti Zainon Ismail.

Sajak Pak Utih - Usman Awang

Punya satu isteri mau dakap sampai mati.
Lima anak mau makan setiap hari,
Teratak tua digayuti cerita pusaka,
Sebidang tanah tandus untuk huma.
Kulit tangan tegang berbelulang,
Biasa keluarkan peluh berapa saja,
Oh Pak Utih, petani yang berjasa.
Tapi malaria senang menjenguk mereka,
Meski dalam sembahyang doa berjuta,
Dan Mak Utih bisa panggil dukun kampung,
Lalu jampi matera serapah berulang-ulang.
Betapa Pak Duku dan bekalan pulang,
Wang dan ayam dara diikat bersilang.
Di kota pemimpin berteriak-teriak,
Pilihanraya dan kemerdekaan rakyat,
Seribu kemakmuran sampai ke akhirat.
Ketika kemenangan bersinar gemilang,
Pemimpin atas mobil maju ke depan, dadanya terbuka,
Ah, rakyat tercinta melambaikan tangan mereka.
Di mana-mana jamuan dan pesta makan,
Ayam panggang yang enak di depan,
Datang dari desa yang dijanjikan kemakmuran.
Pak Utih masih menanti dengan doa,
Bapak-bapak pergi ke mana di mobil besar?

Usman Awang


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