O to be HOME now.

I had recently moved from my favorite flatland to this cozy terrace house in Taman Tun. Well, that's the first thing to update. My mind was rebelling during the first month in here. There were so many things to begin with; neighbors, surroundings and all conditions at every inch of this house. It seemed that everything wasn't right at all.

Actually, due to certain complications Abah had to bear, the Head Officer asked us to move here. In cases of urgency, it's easier for Abah to deal with them since it only takes fifty feet distance from our house to the police station. The irony is that, the Head Officer presumes this to be pleasure for him. He's no longer coming up on time and Abah got to do most of his works. Complains shall not be made for he is an officer and Abah is just an assistant of him. Even worse, the previous people who lived in here were driven out and it was asked by that fool. Total ashamed of what had happened, it was on our shoulder to redeem the affairs. Darn it right? That's a short review for you.

Humongous problems came after that. A 'trunked-mobile-radio' delivered sensational stories that most of the people here were not feeling happy with our presence, well, on their tongues we deprived the previous occupant without the slightest mercy. Typical transmitted character of a Malay.

And another typical of being Malay, Mama didn't feel it was right for her to continue staying. She tried so hard to win their hearts. We built a rabbit house at the back so that the kids would come and play in our compound. Not to mention the treats of pisang goreng and kuih-muih each day. It was a blessing in disguise that the parents asserted themselves before us and it wasn't too late eh to befriend?

This house was built somewhen in 1994 but I tell you it looks older than that. The kitchen furniture already decayed, two of my wardrobe's doors been disconnected, grimy marbles in the toilet and annoying non-flat cement spreads at the stairs. I could say we spent a lot of money to beautify this house though it's not satisfying enough. But macam Mama cakap, "Bersyukur Angah, bersyukur." So I shut the grumbs up and be grateful.
But there is something fascinating about living here so far. I celebrated my first Ramadhan with a new of every single thing. Late afternoon the kids showed up with strutting, sighing and spitting in vigour. They wanted me to offer them to break their fast but obviously it was a no-no for me, so a few went on bravely to the end. Later, they were shooed off to do the Maghrib prayer and how beautifully voice just breaking, chant the Azaan. I teared a bit reminiscing how naive and pure the kids are. BUT, that didn't apply during Teraweh. Anak Pak Cik Yus, the youngest one aged 4, he ran nimbly while we were praying and later we heard a choking sound from the microfon. It was from Pak Imam that the kid accidentally stepped on the mic's wire and it coiled around Pak Imam's neck. Ahaaa!

A special satisfaction from the Moreh and I gained some more on my weight. :D I made new friends from the barracks and it was a phew hearing them calling me 'Kak Ngah'. Too full of conversation or companionable silence, their eyes reflection somewhat pleasing and I fathom it very well that I am welcomed here, to be part of the family. :)

More updates later. Cheerios!

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your neighbour said...

kite jumpe blog kak ngah a.k.a my private tutor somewhere.kite tak pernah rase kak ngah ni intruder ke ape tak tawu lah org laen kan.but i really like u =D