Not so FunFacts I tell you

Five funfacts you would waste your time reading.

Funfact number 1: I made myself clear that I will NEVER EVER believe in supplements and slimming products and 'their peers' and whatever, though I haven't experienced any. Which suddenly it makes me wonder why I hate it so much without ever having tried it before. Mama's friend came in a timely manner recommending me to have a try on this green tea which she said it's good to remove the bad toxic (is there good toxic in our body?) and to improve blood circulation and other benefits that I deliberately forgot. A snap decision and I've been using it for 2 weeks now and thank Allah I feel strong and powerful and vigorously healthy. Hahaha

Funfact number 2: After abandoning Facebook world for ages, I decided to make a comeback and kinda campy that me myself feel annoyed with prolonged updates and status incessantly every few hours. Hahaha But to be fair with myself, they weren't goofy like telling the world what color of baju kurung that I'm wearing right now. Some good sayings and all that. And WOW! Four posts in this space for a week? I'm on a roll baby.

Funfact number 3: I really wish I could write as frequent as a novel writer, but being at this state most of my time has it's obligation. When I grumbled for not knowing how to make time for everything I wanted to do, Mama was then telling me that we live not by the breath that flows in and flows out, but by HIM who causes the breath to flow in and flow out. It stabbed my heart to realize how bad my popular hope for nothing without putting the best efforts to HIM. Umph, if this was a tweet I'd so end with a hash tag #sorryit'snofun

Funfact number 4: I'm kinda bummed knowing that my baby sister is now taking a serious step in her relationship with someone I barely know (but spies told me that he is nice) and it feels like it just distanced us further. Well, he visited her on her birthday and the smile on her face was so genuine. I couldn't help but cry alone. And it irritates our siblings that it's time for me to face the fact that she's growing up and it's time for her to face the world. I am no longer a guardian angel for 18 years old girl righttt. Yeah, and someone once told me that I am an annoying protector on my face. Gee thanks.

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