JOM Beriman Dengan Para Malaikat #1

Assalamualaikum :)

Asked to name the angels' names and their duties, it might be easy for us to answer. But how many among us genuinely know the sirah behind the creation and truly embrace the meaning of believing them? Let's be better Muslims! :)

"From Kab-ul-Akhbar: The Lord created angel Israfil (A.S) (who inscribed the Preserved Tablets before all things), then He created Gabriel (A.S), MIkhail (A.S) and Azrail (A.S) who are the archangels and the Messengers among all the angels.

Israfil (A.S) has four wings, one to the east, one to the west, one above Majesty of the Lord, Israfil's (A.S) head is above the Divine Throne, his feet are below the seven earths. He has the most beautiful voice among all the angels; he is among the angels as David was among men.

Five-hundred years later the Lord created Gabriel (A.S), the most highly favored of the angels, whom He calls "the loyal spirit" or "the Lord's favorite". Gabriel (A.S) is the bearer of the Divine Revelation to the prophets of mankind. He has 600 wings, and each one is made of a different kind of precious material, pearls, gems, multicolored jewels, and none but Allah knows their great beauty. Among his 600 wings, there is one which has an especially distinct ornament, and because of this, Gabriel (A.S) is also known as the 'Peacock of the Angels'. Allah Almighty has appointed him to be the rouser of earth-quakes.

From Ibn Abbas (R.A) who relates from the Holy Prophet (S.A.W): The Angel Gabriel (A.S) used to show himself to the Prophet in the shape of a very beautiful person, resembling a man by the name of Dahiat-al-Kalbi. One day the Prophet (S.A.W) asked to see the angel in his own, original form. Gabriel (A.S) said, "You cannot comprehend me in my own form." "But I must see you," said the Prophet (S.A.W). One day at Arafat the Prophet (S.A.W) beheld a vision which covered all the expanse of the horizon, from the east to the west, and he fainted from fear. When he recovered, the angel clasped him to his breast, having again assumed the shape of a man, and said: "Do not fear, oh Messenger of the God, it is your friend, Gabriel (A.S)."

After another 500 years Allah Almighty created Angel Mikhail (A.S). He has two wings of precious chrysolite and other gems, and 1000 faces. Each face has 1000 mouths and with each mouth he praises the Lord and transfers the rewards to the believers. He has a million eyes, and each of these eyes cry for those who disobey the Lord, and he asks forgiveness for them. From every drop that falls from the eyes of Mikhail (A.S), the Lord creates other angels who sing his praises and pray for forgiveness for the Nation of Muhammad (S.A.W).

500 years later, the Lord of the Worlds created Azrail (A.S), the Angel of Death, his place is between the heavens and the earth, but is also related that he resides in the first heaven. He is always facing the Preserved Tablets, the Plates of Destiny. With his right hand, he takes hold of the souls of the believers when they die and he places them into Illiyun, a blissful place in paradise. With his left hand, he seizes the souls of the disobedient and unbelievers and he throws them into Sijjin, a place in hell.

The Lord of the worlds created the angels called the "Kiram-ul-Katibin", the Noble Scribes, and the "Muqarrabin", who are intended for the correction of mankind. They write down all the good and the evil that has been done. The good deeds are written down by the angels on the right hand: as soon as one good is performed, it is written down tenfold, at the very least, that is to say, as meriting a ten fold reward, and some sources say 700, some 4000. The angels to the right are always busy writing down these good deeds until they grow weary of writing and can write no more. The Lord Himself then takes over, and nobody but He, the Creator of all creatures can know how much they will be given by their Lord. As it is written: "...and God provides whomsoever He will without reckoning." (The Cow,212)

As for the recording angel on the left, he is under the command of the angel of the right. Every time a son committed, he asks: "Oh right-hand angel, have I permission to write down this sin?" And the angel of the right hand says, "No! Don't write it down yet. Wait, maybe he will feel remorse, maybe he will repent, maybe he will perform a good deed that makes up for it (make an ablution pray 2 rakaats, give salams to the Prophet (S.A.W), read Quran) - and the Lord may perhaps forgive him before this bad action is written down." Engaged in this discussion, the angels wait for a full seven hours. If the person after seven hours shows no sign of repentance and makes no reparation for his failing, the left-hand angel will write down the deed, once.

Every person has about him four of these recording angels (Kiram-ul-Katibin), two of them come to him in the morning and stay with him until night fall, then the other two take over the shift until the next morning. Each of these 4 angels has other 640 angels to witness what he is writing, and they never leave him."

To be continued :)

Source: Lore of Light, Stories from the lives of the Prophets, Volume 1 by Hajjah Amina Hatun

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