I'm with you

Assalamualaikum :)

"In God's name shall be its course and it's berthing." - Hood:41

Bersabarlah bagi yang menerima bencana. Insya Allah kesabaranmu dicatit dengan sebanyak-banyak catitan di bahu kanan. Allah itu sifatnya bukanlah kejam dan tidak adil kerana Dia pernah berfirman kepada Nuh di sebalik kejadian bah yang dasyat satu masa dahulu. Apabila usai kejadian bah, Allah telah mengarahkan Nuh untuk membuat pinggan-pinggan dari tanah liat dan Nuh menghabiskan bertahun-tahun lamanya. Tetapi kemudiannya Allah mengarahkan Nuh untuk menghancurkan pula hasil-hasil tanah liat tersebut. Maka, bertanyalah Nuh akan Allah Yang Esa:

"Why did You have me build up this huge pile if You were only intending for me to break them up again? Why did You make me take much trouble with this work which has been all in vain?"

Dan Allah menjawab:

"I did this to show you, oh Nuh, how it feels to a creator to destroy his own creation. You give so much value of these clay pots of your making, and they are only of mud, yet you cry for your wasted effort. Do you believe that I place no value in My servants whom I have created nothingness? For so many days and years and generations I have tended and kept them, sustained and nourished them - then you prayed against them, and I accepted your prayer and cursed the whole world and destroyed all its living beings - Oh Nuh, do not ever pray against anyone again, for if you do so I will not only heed up your supplication but I will erase your name from the book of the prophets...."

Wallahua'lam :')

And I know, some may say it's easy for me to speak because I am not the one to face the pain and hardship. But, believe my words, I am with you in my prayers.

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