Kerana Dia Mama, Maka Dia lah Nyawa

Assalamualaikum :)

When people sigh about having a boring time at home, Mama sighs too, all the more sorrowfully because she never feels bored at home. Which to be fair with us, she would never let us do things more than what she told us to do.

I look at this as it's a full and concise schedule of her:

6.00 a.m- she's already up.
7.00 a.m- watches her favorite Halaqah, Tanyalah Ustaz etc (the only leisure time between her and the telly
8.00 a.m- prepares the breakfast, all the delectable foodies served with compassion and fondness, then later, the other chores get the attention
1.00 p.m- it's lunchy time, obviously she's in the kitchen
3.00 p.m- attends her Al-Quran lesson
5.00 p.m- does her sweepings and dumping at the back, feeds the rabbits and has this 'chat over the fences'.

Well, at night we sit all together having our dinner, talk about surroundings. Someone may cause our ears to pus, free lecture on serious stuffs shaking our normal mental state on how to be more responsibility, how to be good children, how to get rewards in the hereafter which we, kids cannot withhold the laugh laugh since some idiots have this exhilaration kicking each other's legs under the table to stop that awkward moment being grumbled, and unfortunately no escape route at all. The same reminders each dinner time and the same gamesome feeling we would feel. Abah is always be our jest machine, he produces more pleasantries even with no-nonsense matters.

However Mama views it unhappily as we should take serious things seriously and leave the immature aside. We enjoy that either. Every time she says serious things with that face and loghat, it always seems funny no matter what.

Bila mana kita ketawa di meja. "Ampa hingaq laa. Abah tercekik tulang sat lagi ni."
Bila mana kita ketawa tengah-tengah malam. "Cakap pelan sikit. Cik Kinah (jiran) dengaq tu."
Bila mana ada orang datang rumah dan ingin pulang pada waktu malam. "Ni bukan nak halau naa, baik ampa balik la-la ni jugak. Sat lagi malam-malam satgi bahaya laa haih."

For you Ma, for your 47th birthday;

I already put some of your favorite songs on my list, I wear like you want it to be, I cook passionately because I want to be just an You. To think I nearly chose the wrong direction, I must thank you for dragging me into the right path. And it was you who nurtured me inside out dead tired without even a small discontentment. Behind all amenities, you desired us to feel woes so that we know how to be grateful. I appreciate them all, Ma. See you tonight. Angah cinta Mama kerana Allah. :')



Anonymous said...

Muka sher fotostat muka mak! :D

Sheriel Aizan said...

Hahaha, first time ada orang cakap macam tu :D

Anonymous said...

i love ur mom. kiss her for me. :')