Time Past and Time Present

Assalamualaikum :)

"I have compiled quite a good collection of things people say about our country. Let me summarize the salient remarks to:

1. Climate - dull but pleasant
2. Internal politics - debatable
3. External politics - true mousedeer wisdom
4. Economy - good
5. Culture - fascinating hotchpotch
6. People - wonderfully warm
7. Men - gentle and stylish
8. Girls - charming but jinak-jinak merpati, much harder to get than they seem
9. Tourist attraction
10. Unspoilt natural beauty plus modern amenities that actually work, bar a few toilets and telephones."

- Adibah Amin,
As I was Passing, 1970's

These kind of matters actually bother a lot in my spare time to stimulate my mind how good perceptions other people had thought about Malaysia. I am intrigued to know that certain subjects from the above statement don't really change, to be related to this current age. So, due to what cos other remarks have changed from their good looks?

Some blame the leaders. Well, I don't intend to touch on the political issues.

Our climate isn't really dull to my observation. It's kind of entertaining. See it's something - I looked up at the sky and it was hot and sunny so I decided to dry my clothes. Less than an hour, I began to get preoccupied by sinetron, without realizing the sky turned dark and in a few seconds, rain served the earth. I became panicky as the rain getting heavier, by the time I finished picking up all the clothes, there sun appeared again with more heat and prominently on my sight. Yet, I didn't put the blame on the rain, it's the unique weather in Malaysia I wanted to smile. Maybe I felt a lil bit wroth but both sunny and rainy have been giving me sensuous delight and enjoyment. There are some countries in this world that the people have to wait to feel the sweltering expression, or the kids who never experience the rain-drenched or any other excitements through weather. We should be more grateful to Him.

Our economy develop fast and going steady in this global economic survival. It has developed since 1970's that many attempts were made by our great leaders so that at least we don't starve. Malaysia do well to stand tall, sit low as other developing countries, and it's tremendous economic phenomenon that our small Malaysia could get anywhere even with a torment history before getting an independent state status. The years keep rolling back to watch our late late grandparents took pains and strained to feed the children that during that time - colonialist assigned the jobs unfairly, Malay people did all agricultural works including farming and fishing on their own lands but later the government could get percents under the name of tax, which the tax seemed demented that it was higher than the profits they got. And Indians did all the works in estate whilst Chinese got the highest advantage doing the mining stuff. However, things are getting better these days, it is such a relief and gladness to see our own race competent to drive imported cars so do wear beautiful clothes. And, the government as well bring out new high-class mentality that education secures your presence, it has nothing to do with your blood and race.

I don't think people in Malaysia remains wonderfully warm as they were before. But to be fair, the circumstances are not the same anymore. Criminals today like a madman. The first impression you give to a person never do the justice. All the rape cases, murders and abductions happen usually between the victims and among the people around them, which means they know the culprits. Sometimes, to some people, I don't believe in giving benefit of the doubt. I am more concerned on protecting myself. Those things might not happen during 1970's, which the crimes were slightly strenuous so that talking to strangers was absolutely normal. But that doesn't happen nowadays. People are freaking paranoid that one simple direction given would take one meter distance and not to forget, avoid eye contact. So, we are not entitled to that wonderfully warm and charming endowment anymore.

It actually giggles me a lot for the tenth point. Back then I believe the seas and shores were attractive and beautiful and I am sure it was breathtaking view to actually watch the sunset in the morning. It is not only the view that gives me eyes sore but the smell either. I sigh a lot to even think spending my holidays in our islands. And, bar a few toilets and telephones? All those public facilities are no longer in use Cikgu Adibah. Only for pay toilets, the cleaners do actually clean up the mess and dirt.

How I wish I could sip your fresh air and could enjoy your past inventive Malaysia with humor. Send me the glow, Cikgu Adibah.

Alas, I must stop here. I absolutely must, for it's half a minute to class.


Anonymous said...

Saya juga suka membaca buku-buku tulisan Adibah Amin. Adik, ringan-ringan kan jari menaip dalam bahasa ibunda. Tidak salah tulisan dikarang dalam bahasa inggeris tetapi sekali-sekala selesakan lah tulisan dengan kehendak pembaca. Apa-apa pun, ini memang karangan yang baik sekali. Terima kasih daun keladi, lain masa, saya singgah lagi.

Sheriel Aizan said...


Ahmad J. said...

i think you've been giving me so many reasons to like malaysians especially you!

Sheriel Aizan said...

Despite feeling a lil bit awkward by the statement, I take that as a compliment Ahmad
So, thank you :)