Long time no see.

January 24. Yes, it's tomorrow. I pray that everything will be going easy, elegant and early. Hours to go and things seem to be so blurry and difficult. I wanted to bake something, apparently shops here were closed due to today's public holiday. I couldn't think of anything else except a proper apologize since I've promised a cake or anything that specially made by me, with my hands. A little bit of frustration to be frank but I received a very tranquilize reply, so it calmed me down, and gave me soothing relief.

"Mama beli angah pimple cream, kot mujarab dalam 2-3 hari ni."
"Adik ada satu baju cantik kalau angah nak pakai."
"Waaa, finally Cher! I am so happy for you!"
"Relax, embrace this moment. Make this worthwhile. It'll be fine. Just stay indoors. Tadi kan hujan lebat. Have fun, dearie!"

Hello Masterji! My old inner voice sighed a lot. Will someone please help me out? I just forgot how to date.

Hye, long time no see!


Kuncup Here said...

I just forgot how to date should be the tittle Shey hehe :D

Sheriel Aizan said...

:D Aku malu nak admit ;p hahaha