Songs in The Night

Shake, highfive, salam! Assalamualaikum J

Q: “I remember this Christmas song that I loved tosing dulu-dulu…..”

S: “Twinkle twinkle little…..”

K: “Hahahahahahaha!!!!! Shey!!!!! That’s not aChristmas song!”

S: “Eh? I really thought that all kids songs used tobe Christmas songs before mat saleh tu semua set them up to be lullabies forkids. Hehehehe!”

Q: “Are you serious?”

S: “No lah! I know lah twinkle little star tu bukan lagu Christmas. OK, jokes aside, the only Christmas song I still remember yang kita selalu dengar dekat TV, dengan Santa Claus menyanyi sekali. Merry Christmas,Merry Christmas…! Apasal I rasa it really sounds like our lagu Pisang Goreng!!!Kan?”

Q, K and S: “Hahahahahahaha!!!!!!”


To the extent that all festivals in Malaysia is Malaysian festival, we the Malaysians share and celebrate all the festivals in Malaysia together, regardless what color weare, what language we speak at home and to whom we’re married with. It is whatever! It belongs to all of us.

As for me, it is full of memories. I remember the Serani family who lived next door to us in Pekeliling during the time Abah worked in Duta Court Complex. They had stunning voices and around Christmas their songs kept me merrily awake far into the night. We never complained as they contributed the leisure for free. J

Mama was liberally accepting those cultures around us though some people looked at it as ‘dakyah meng-Kristian-kan orang Islam’. Paradoxically, we only found excitement throughout everything and our neighbor actually invited us to enjoy the foods with their family. As long as they didn’t serve pork, Mama would not object.

To this day, my ideaof Christmas is sitting up till dawn singing song after song and stopping only to munch chips and crisps and sip home-made juice. It was heaven. However, I believe, as I am growing older and those reminiscences left behind, the merriment is no longer pleasurable. I’ve no Christian friends to actually enjoy the celebration. So I think it could be used as a good justification, forgetting other Christmas songs.

Tomorrow, I am going to buy the red Christmas hat that have the star bulbs on it, whenever I press the button, they’ll produce orange light. Sparkling juice and pizza are not crimes either. Qistina, what’s your favorite Christmas song again?


Anonymous said...

How about dating a Christian? Do you like it though?

Sheriel Aizan said...
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Sheriel Aizan said...

No, be friends with is much better :)