Obscene for some. *gasp

It was late. I was wearing the faded blue big shirt with colorful stripes trouser, laid on my bed. Right hand was holding the phone while another one covered my face, looking at all corners in room if he was there, but he didn’t. With no use to feel ashamed, I started laughing and giggling all the time, for one worth hour, ultimate satisfaction.

Three years earlier, we've met through phones. He texted me and I replied and suddenly it went on within the very modest circumstances. Well, I should give him a standing ovation because it's not pretty easy to handle me. You know, the girl who did shave her hair completely bald just because of the fanaticism over Ronaldo. The one who doesn't know the means of using cosmetics, worse, cares nothing about grooming - head to toe. The one who easily forgets things, necessary ones, like his phone number? And not to forget, the one who's been dealing with thousand problems since forever and sometimes couldn't manage to make time for him.

His patience is the greatest present I ever get.

Thank you. I owe you and it's not going to be any better than my peanut butter cookies. :)

p/s: I dare you to have 'heisaimansyafiq'! HAA! ADA BERAN?


watagoal said...

bran tu ade tp idea tu xde lagi..kalu da ade idea kompem ade 'heisaiman.blogspot'

Sheriel Aizan said...


the time you have it, you'll find myself pengsan until you shake my body! :D