Cause baby you're a firework!

Assalamualaikum :)

Last week there was this Flora Fest at Putrajaya for one week where there were fireworks display with cultural show. So, Star Wars! Here I come!

I was buzzing round the park looking for the best port to capture the fireworks which apparently there was thousand people milling for the same reason, like seriously seriously. Meanwhile, fireworks filled the sky with blues and golds, shell blasts and the promised ring explosions. All around me, kids were telling their friends, 'That is my favorite!', 'The big one is coming out!'. As a whole, finding for 100 shots of fireworks, various colors and flowers brought out my pleasures and enjoyments to see them zoomed in very close.

Sorry, the pictures were edited to be in small size due to broadband connection. :)

Cause baby you're a firework #1

Cause baby you're a firework #2






Kuncup Here said...

Hey cantik gilaaaa pics firework kauuuuu! Pakai slr ea?

Sheriel Aizan said...

thank you cup! :) aah kamera haritu masa hang out tu ;p

HEROICzero said...

niceeeee !

Sheriel Aizan said...