There's always once, upon, a, time

Since the day started my sandwich works, I almost forgot how to laugh. A bunch of files have the most priority of intriguing stuffs. Tired, yes to say. A holiday at Perak seemed to be 'never without drama'.

The first time I went here was when I got wind of my other siblings existence and then I knew a girl should be forever Daddy's daughter so don't kick the ball. Um, never been a brat. So I was flying blind when the door opened and I was enveloped by a continent of woman. By the time I realized my nose was pressed at her chest. I call her Opah. She's nice. Really. By the way, she's not our real Opah, Opah Angkat exactly.

There, I met this little sweetheart, Ahmad. He had morphed into a multi-armed sea which determined to keep touching me continually. An arm linked through mine, a hand on my shoulder, fingers on back. He was too charming to say for a first time meet up. I scanned the house, not for an escape routes but I wanted to recall any memories in there. Yes, I have one! They called me Aizan and, whoah! Opah once gave me 'bantal busuk'. That was long before and the 'bantal busuk' should have gone missing somewhere. :D

In short 30 minutes, I've been mingling with all the 'householders'. Yaa, I am a sociable person, that sort, and it's not really hard to orient myself and stay attuned. These people were so nice and they kept telling me how brassy I was. Least, I've found a replaced granny that can feed me and let me sprawled on hers.

Me, sister and Ahmad took a walk around the kampung. And, I captured the moments so that someday there's no need to recall anything anymore. :)

perak 2

perak 3

perak 4

perak 5



SukaSherielDahLama said...

Sheriel,awak cantik :)

Sheriel Aizan said...

Nama awak tak boleh blah! hahaha

kau ni mesti dari geng gagak hitam ataupun grangs ataupun sepupu sepapat aku ni

Thank you lah ye! :D

SukaSherielDahLama said...

semua pon bkn ;D

Anonymous said...

Saya suka baca post awak,