I miss you Aunties!

“I just had giving birth. You have a niece, aunties!”

I have high imaginations on what would happen in the next five years. The above statement may not be uttered by me, could be someone else among the ‘black crows’. Yap, black crows. It’s not an assassin organization by so typical malignant tough person as it sounds. The crows just committed petty crimes in school towards enjoying the school’s life. J

This group has eight members around. Two of them were prefects, one was on high position in Badan Dakwah dan Rohani (BADAR), well, could say the most decent one, and others were white uniform students. All were in the same class, 5 Abu Bakar. A really sorted one compared to other classes since the students were not taking Biology, Chemistry or even Physics. I’m not saying they are lagged, only being students in accounting class was their selected terminations. J

The friendship began unknown to everyone. They just didn’t have any idea when it was all getting started. But, they knew how to get bonding, stayed alive in surrounding by ‘not so freedom’ in boarding school ordinances. J Well said, they survived.

There was one time, (or several times), they got the chance sneaking out from class and went back to the hostel. None terrified them, the girls were so brave unlocking the grill and guess what, mission accomplished! What was funny is when suddenly a guy from the class came to the girl’s hostel and started shouting, “5 ABU BAKAR! Korang, balik kelas lah! Cikgu masuk! Cepatlah korang, balik kelas.” Hahahaha

One of them is given with seizure hands and creative thinking. So her ideas were like hotcakes during our time. 2006 took down into our history when suddenly crowned ‘The Best Marching Contingent Award’ on Sports Day. Rumah Zuhal was forever a memory. Staying up late to give the optimum we could do and we won. Though it’s only a Sports Day yet the crows participated as it was the only chance to enjoy before the end of the school days. Errrrrr, by the by, is there any Blue uniform in Harry Potter’s? What house is that?!

BADAR once organized an Islamic program and there was this competition, ‘Membina Rumah Bertemakan Islam dengan Barang-barang Terbuang’. And all of them contributed erecting the house, a really big in reality, of course! They redounded for the first place. To be honest, it was not challenging competition at all. Heh!

“Sorry Kuncup but your name is not suitable for my daughter. Er, Sakinah? I afraid my daughter might give a harsh burp. Atiyah? Em em, a negotiable one but she may give me a ‘kerek’ look so often which would annoy me the most, Izyan, na na na! I don’t want a firefighter in family. Amy? Sorry! Too fragile! Shazleen? My daughter is not coming from a cobby gene. So, what’s left? Nabila? Em, Nabila… A really nice one. Oh NO! I forgot! She might spray me the foods when she laughs while eating!”

Too mean? Sorry, just joking, sweethearts. I can’t wait for this becoming July. J

p/s: I leave you the pictures so you know what they say, 'it tells a thousand words'. :D

Loves, Shey.


Kuncup Here said...

Wehh name aku kau ckp x seswai? Hahaha plg sexy kot :P

Sheriel Aizan said...

Ada lagi satu sebab kenapa sebenarnye, takut anak suka buat muka syaiton dalam gamba, hahahahaha

Anonymous said...

they are not petty crimes, they akin to budak2 perempuan yang nakal masa sekolah, you girls were so cute, i wonder if the dido still remains :)

Sheriel Aizan said...

HAHAHAHA, sometimes ;p

timewasterdiaries said...

heheh the title is for ur kids when they read this entry so they would say "I miss you Aunties!" heee :)

Sheriel Aizan said...

tehee! :D

deborah lookalike said...

harsh burp?kau pon dah berjangkit okay HAHAHAHA hey i miss u where have u been lately?