You don't friend with me if you call me AIZANG

“Let’s not friending her.”


“Just don’t. I don’t feel like wanna be friend with her anymore.”

“Okay. I’m on your side. ”

That’s a conversation of primary school students in the train I heard today. I believe that’s their childhood enjoyment, definitely the period of ‘not friending’ indication. Heh! Well, who started that skill of kiddos fighting by the by?

Too funny to question that the sentences are too iniquitous sometimes, too straight as if they are straightforward, yet not last any longer. Poodah!

“Aku tak nak kawan kau!”

“Tak nak kawan sudah! Nama kau Dolah!...” Okay, enough!

Both then flounce off in different directions. What makes even funnier is you must remember not to look back, in case someone is watching behind, you would lose ‘face’. Haha! Besides, it would be too, too embarrassing if both of you happened to look back at the same time. Afterwards the declaration of war began with ‘HUH!’.

Nonetheless the cute fighting ending easily, both parties enjoyed encouraging other members to against her enemy. Well, it’s only girls who expertise in this field. Rightttt? When the enemy celebrates her birthday party with all friends around, the other participant gets green and she can’t help by not ‘making friend’ anymore, for the reason that it’s the only time she has to show off her new pretty kinky princess gown. To be frank, I do not belong to this example.

I have my own style that is ‘be the innocent party’. An honourable girl never says anything against her ‘foe’. Neither does ask to join her side, a difficult code to live up, but if you do, you earn the respect of everyone, including the girl you are ‘not friending’! Hehe!

After a while, you begin to find this a bit of tension, and as feelings have cooled down by a long way, you are anxious to comprise. You whisper this to a friend whom you know a friend who absolutely would turn this to that girl. But you don’t want look weak so you make her promise, ‘Okay, kita janji tak bagitahu dia.’ Haha! Lameass! Then a note scribbled on her table, scrawled on exercise book paper, and you two are friends again. J


This instrument of settling clash meant for four to twelve years old kids. It’s not workable for secondary school students. As you entered the world of teenagers you never bound to any cute constitution. So, what’s next? “Mari kita ber-confrant. Aku tunggu kau kat bilik dobi.” See? A more matured way you think so?

Today, as I smiled looking at kids’ ways, it strikes me of our adult fighting styles, which are a bit like theirs but very much more edgy. True right? Egomaniacs never melt for an ‘I am sorry L’ note on top of a piece paper, neither they want to receive a proper regretful saying. They need the confrontation which I believe after the confrontation you feel awkward and only fifty-fifty for the relationship to work out again. Well, I am not saying that I am against confrontation, it’s useful, sometimes.

One says ‘a good fight can clean the air and make for a healthier relationship.’ This is true only if the clean is meant to be literally clean, no hitting below belt, no fatal blow, no hypocrisy and such. Hem, why don’t we stick to the strict code we followed in childhood? Kids really teach me how to live every now and then.

“Let’s play fair and just people!” J



Kehoe Cheong said...

What an awesome blog you own.Keep on writing,because I'll keep reading!

Sheriel Aizan said...

Thanx Kehoe! :)

mealberd said...

gadoh la gadoh la..haha

Sheriel Aizan said...

Haha! Batu api!

alexa yussida said...

kalo misunderstanding/gado dgn roomie,saya suke tulis dkt notes then tnggl ats meja die :D

Sheriel Aizan said...

bagus! awak ikut childhood strict code! :D