Tolong buat laksa Penang, Ma!

"Your favorite foods?"
"My mama's."

Some may consider that is such a lame answer. But guess what? That's something undeniable. I am so sorry braggarts! But, my mom is the best chef. It's not that I love her just for her cooking. That's mean. There are still other reasons we've got friend high all the time, flattering me with good jokes, her story about Ustaz Fauzi and her 'surau clan', so it comes with a package of massaging my head and neck. Mama is the best therapist too. :)

"Tak sedap pun laksa shack ni! Mama punya lagi sedap."

And usually, Abah will 'make face' after that. =p

In a year we would only enjoy eating at restaurant with all family members around, only when special occasions occur. That's still not on all. Besides, the dishes chosen by her and we cursed by mamafluence, nod and agree and nod and agree. 'Yes, mama', 'Em, that is OK', 'No, thank you, there are too much foods already.' See? LOL

I experienced sandwich works before, quarterback handed off a bunch of works so the time I arrived home, the aroma of 'asam pedas' on Monday, 'kari kepala ikan' on Tuesday, 'ayam masak merah' on Wednesday, 'tomyam campur' on Thursday anddd Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday for 'nasi ayam madu'. Actually, this is so much random, I dont remember the definite menu. :D But seriously, the dishes never be the same everyday and weekend? We bear our hands together pouring the 'santan', someone charged for chopping onions which later 'it doesn't look like an onion anymore.' Annas will usually turn up in the kitchen, irritates everyone with his hungry belly.

Mama: Semua orang keluar dari dapur! Bising lah! Habis bersepah semua!

Haha! So actually weekend is a hubbub to say, the only time Abah would say, 'Jom basuh kereta!' So suddenly Along would nag about her 5-days bullied hours, Annas then left his comics and games to disturb Adik with her works. Me? Mandikan kucing! :D

Yesterday we celebrated Mama for 'everyone gets cliche' day! It was Sunday so pretty much easier to plan. The preparations for this day were well underway even before the May. Everyone focused on getting her socks off for the unexpected celebration. We woke up at 5 a.m and started cooking. I baked chocolate cake since that is the most favorable cake she thinks off! Hehe Along made her super Sunday special Spaghetti Bolognese while Adik got everyone's nerves with suddenly broke Mama's ceramic vase instead of making lemonade as a present. Haih!

So fast forward to 6.15 am, we were all waiting silently at dining table when Mama got up for Subuh prayer. She was still slumbering but the dozy eyes could catch something quaint at that time. She walked to us and,

Mama: Semua orang dah solat subuh?

Yeah! She didn't get surprised at all!

Everyone: Happy Mama's Day, Mama!
Mama: Thank you. Pergi solat subuh semua. Breakfast makan berat ye pagi ni?

I knew she was stunned speechless she could barely make it into breakfast. And everyone knew she was crying through her Subuh prayer so we gave her tight hugs she could never imagine. That was satisfying enough. :')

Mama: Sedap semuanya. Semua dah boleh kahwin!
Me: Tu yang Angah nak dengar tu! Hahahahaha!


We might be different in many kinds but still you bring me up with your world, your likes and interests, in a way, I dream to be an You in five years from now. You know, get married with someone you yea, have kids and I'll show them 'this is your granny's style!'. Isn't that cool? Hehe I love your P.Ramlee and I do agree that P.Ramlee has an 'aura' till these days, I can still remember those catchy lines from Bujang Lapok and Madu Tiga. And I am still struggling to take your Dondang Sayang even in small doses but Mama, that is definitely different to put in the same playlist as Paramore and RHCP. So sorry eh? But, I can make an effort to share your joy. :) Haa! Our lingos are too different too. My friends really think that I can speak 'loghat Kedah' just like you but they never know that I am just a 'Kedah celup'. Your 'loghat Kedah' is the full standard dialect I heard at 'kampung' which I am super understand! To your ears, I know, my lingo is KL-ian with certain words in Kedah accent. Is it really weird? Hem, so far, the generation gap has not been too bad. You read the same newspaper as mine, so I eat whatever you cook. Our minds full of agreeable thoughts, same taste on fashion and colors. Same smile and laugh. Mama, promise me that you'll be a 'forever cool mama' pedestal by waiting up nights for me, being patient with my self-will. Please stay alive, stay healthy to see me as a 'someone'. I pray to Allah that you won't be senile so that you will call my name before your 'forever sleep'.

Angah sayang Mama!


muhammadthoriq said...

Wah, tajuk kawen pasti tak lari. Heh! :p

Sheriel Aizan said...

Oh, itu mesti! haha

@ku d! sin!e said...

i tak suke laksa. tapi skrg dah belajar makan..

alexa yussida said...

sweetnyeee :)

kompem2 la mama nanges..hehe...

Sheriel Aizan said...

@aku di sini, bagus! siapa tak makan laksa, tak cukup malaysian :)

@alexa, hehehe ;p

HEROICzero said...


dan dia beruntung ada kamu.

Selamat hari ibu.

Sheriel Aizan said...


i believe, your mom is fortunate to have you too, each mom does! :)

Selamat Hari Ibu untuk ibu kamu.

Berto said...

mana nya gambar laksa?