Of drugs, affections and Kenny's

Assalamualaikum. :)

After being long fed with exams and books, my world was obliged to endure the desires of meeting best friends. No such importation of messages asking for dating his super sweetheart (*sigh) so I guess pleasures would be given to Kuncup and Izyan. (*no sigh but smile) :)

We all went to Mid Valley cause I really wanted to have Dominos pizza but I was very much disappointed. Dominos was crowded with people, it was Saturday so no wonder. My introduction and recommendation to Izyan for Kenny Rogers was super fine. She loved the spaghetti so much, it was such a relief then. So, phew!

@Kenny Rogers


@Kenny Rogers


@Kenny Rogers


@Kenny Rogers


We had a very fine day, watching Jake and Anne in Love and Other Drugs - a recommended movie to waste your money watching in cinema. I teared a bit towards the end - pathetic Maggie suffered for Parkinson and she had no idea how could she survive alone in this world. Without realizing Jamie's affection was pure, she thought of living by herself.

Maggie Murdock: Oh right, right, right. I'm supposed to act like I don't know if it's right. So then you tell me that there is no right or wrong. It's just the moment. And then I tell you that I can't while actually signalling to you that I can, which you don't need because you're not really listening. Because this isn't about connection for you. This isn't even about sex for you. This is about finding an hour or two of relief from the pain of being you. And that's fine with me, see, because all I want is the exact same thing.
- Love and Other Drugs

Anddd, before going home, we decided for group portraits. The dating was very much like other datings, where the laughs have no taste for hypocrisy. In spite of awesome meet up, we are still longing for others - Bella, Skina, Amy, Att and Leen. For the sake of friendship, please make yourself free after this! (exclusive thunder key). It was an empty space without you guys, tahu tak? However it's an exception for Bella unless there's no reluctance to spend your bucks for London-KL-London. LOL :D

Okay, that is all.

Black Crows


Kuncup Here said...

haaaa suke gmba yang last neh ! yeayyyyyyyy :)

Sheriel Aizan said...


HEROICzero said...

aaah. nampak sedap~


Sheriel Aizan said...

I am not trying to vex you, but,
memang sedap dan semoga terliur! :D