Hlovate, thank you.

'Hey lop-sided!'
'Since when Ainnur became Anna?'
'Since Hlovate brighten up my day and night. The rest is history.'

That is what I interpret a good value of reading. Thank you Hlovate, the writer who seems so mysterious in his way. Err, actually I don't know either it's a dude or a chicka however rumors were circulating that it's a dude and an engineering student somewhere in the oversea. Stick to that one eh? However Hlovate, if you are a chicka, don't sue me! Blame the rumors.

So, I bought his two novels, [Tunas] and 5 Tahun 5 Bulan. It began actually when I noticed most of my friends despite talking about Super Junior and K-Pop and SNSD and whatsoever the troops are (Blurgh!), Hlovate draws up a hit list for them. I started wandering what's so good behind the name so I borrowed Aa+Bb from Kak Nina. Guess what? I finished it within two days, not exaggerating. Getting over each of the pages, smiling and feeling encouraged was seriously NO JOKE. There has no let up in what I've read, it was just like a war, emotional dispute between the sentences and line by line eventually stabbed my heart. *Hamboih ayat hang!

I left the two novels I bought at home, boosted my youngest sister to read. She never had an endeavor conversing in English *belajar pun suam-suam kuku je*. Talking about self-confidence, it's like a stark contrast compared to others.

'Adik kena masuk English debate! Orang bukan reti! Benci!'
'Chillex! Angah boleh ajar. From now on, we speak in English.'
'Grammar hancus! Buat malu je!'
'Peduli hape orang cakap. Lagi malu bila bodoh sombong. Dah lah bodoh pastu tak nak belajar. Come one lah Ainnur. You are not that bad though. Please believe on trial and error. As long as kamu faham apa Angah cakap pun dah okay dah. Baca Hlovate! It's inspiring!'
'Trial and error eh? Hlovate.....'

Day #1
'Adik suka Joanna! Dia sempoi je kan Angah?'
'In English!'
'I like Joanna. She is sempoi. Correct Angah? What sempoi in English?'

Day #2
'Angah, I miss you! I await your return home.'
'What is that?! Great! Direct translation by Google-Translator. It wont help. Ya Allah!'
'Angah, janganlah marah....'
'Don't get mad.'

Day #4
'I bought newspaper today.'
'What newspaper? Berita Harian?'
'STAR lahhhh!'
'Okay, read me the first headline.'
'Death and Fury.'
'What is fury then?'
'Violent anger?'
'Adik highlight semua words yang tak faham pastu cari dalam dictionary. Structure ayat pun Adik try fahamkan. Grammar dah okay dah sikit.'
'Apa dia?'
'It's good...'
'Lagi sekali?'
'Penampar Jepang nak?'

She made me frayed then.

'Adik suka Anna, Addin, Kak Fisha! Adik nak rajin macam Mags-Seven!'

Dear Hlovate, (in case kalau Hlovate google nak tengok review orang pasal buku dia pastu terserempak dengan blog aku)

Thank you for the great writing skills and ideas. You gave me no stark influences except for those vital love stories. You tell me how to live my life with friends, happy and sorrow. You encourage me to study though I'm none to your subjects in your writings. I wasn't a science stream student at school, still it doesn't give me a blockage to feel entertained and impressed. I get inspired.

I am looking for Benz Aliff in reality for a person to marry with. Which I consider myself as LAME. Yes, I admit that. *ketuk kepala sendiri. However, his spark of affections made me crazy. I noted that as seeking for an attention from Addin, a stiff woman in a way, still lady-like. Thank you so much for the fantasies.

This is absolutely viral. You fondly dubbed the characters which most of them sound bizarre to our hearings. I admire most of the nicks, admire the songs and you gave me list-to-read books.

Err Hlovate,

Don't get me wrong. I am not looking at you as if you are a great scholar or what not. No! It's just I love your novels. Last but not least, I know that you are in the pipeline to be as great as Faisal Tehrani, though it may sound too rigid for some, I believe in you. Bittaufiq wannajah!

From me,
A keen reader of yours (bunyi psycho habis)

p/s #1: Kan bagus Shey, kalau kau baca Quran sampai hafal semua ayat pastu kau boleh get inspired jugak.

p/s #2: Okay okay, noted. Thank you Shey sebab ingatkan Shey ni.


afiqah nordin said...

hv u read sour plum?
mcm hlovate juagk,im sure ull love it?
thers another one hlovate's novel VERSUS *haruslah caps kn*
paling best!!

Sheriel Aizan said...

sour plum is the writer's name or the novel's title?

Versus is about skateboarding kan? Ada baca short review! A must get one kannnn, insya Allah akan baca!

Thank you! :)

afiqah nordin said...

sour plum tu novel's title
benda baik harus dikongsi

Sheriel Aizan said...

Terima kasih, jasamu dikenang! :)

Anonymous said...

kamu patut bc VERSUS..the best novel hlovate for me la..sgt best!!

-izzah halmi-

Sheriel Aizan said...

wah, semua mempromosi versus!
okay izzah!!!
thank you

izzatghazali said...

hlovate dh lama lh shey :)

adik aku join hlovatulis.
hlovate 2 pmpn :)

Sheriel Aizan said...

hehehe, aku baru tahu, LAMBAT SUNGGUH!

oh yeke! eksaited! :D

HEROICzero said...


hehe, bukan bidang aku yang ini. =)

Sheriel Aizan said...

its hlovate, mr heroic!

cuba baca, mungkin ia akan jadi obsesi bagi kau nanti :)

pikah W said...

hlovate is everythings..
i baru gak kenal die
i ade complete set die 8 books xsilap.

andd,, VERSUS best andd CONTENGAN JALANAN also,, good for those yg nak berubah!! mean deep!