An another lady in dilemma. Dilemma lah sangat!

I am well mixed, low as always. Always meant to be nobody's home so I'm alone, naaa, no bored but mind spikes to a window of delusions which granting the point of being a woman. A grown up Sheriel from nothing to least a something. Here, right now.

I wonder since when I had the keen to enter the kitchen, not just enter to say 'What's up fridge? Anything to eat?' Golden rule takes it as cooking and honorably intriguing the feeling of capable to cook. So when? What I got from Mama, absolutely an answer, I guess so, 'You know you matured enough and you watch AFC rather than AXN.' Woot! For hundred times watching the food channel, frankly telling you, never even once the recipes got down into memories even less took the notes onto a piece of paper. Heh! I choose to thaw what can be thawed for the pleasantness the foods may look! What? I have a big stomach! :D But seriously, I am into cooking right now! For these two weeks at home, I have cooked these:

1. Apple crumble (Ramizah's recipe)
2. Chocolate chip cookies (Also, Ramizah's recipe)
3. Tomyam campur
4. Ikan bakar tomyam
5. Black pepper meetballs
6. Cocktail custard pudding
7. Kuey teow hailam
8. Bubur jagung
9. Chocolate cheese cake
10. *Thinking of pecan ice-cream tonight! :D

What?Pictures? Appearance is not material, the taste IS! :)

Back to the years I spent in school, I never knew that missing someone could be in a very extraordinary situation. Nehi! A total abnormality stack up to these days. Kalau dulu homesick nak balik rumah terus call mama suruh datang jenguk bila weekend. Sekarang? Apa kau ingat Kerteh tu macam Gombak-Sungai Besi? Nanana! Not that easy and I am not that kind of super-sportive to gage the pride of a woman. Not even once. Relationship doesn't justify me to go anywhere at will. I still have parents which their says to be taken as a judgment! Righttttttt.

I always thought it's not as easy as what has been written in those romantic novels. Exception given to epic love stories. They reveal more the obstacles. Blueh!

But I think again and figured, everything's gonna work out for the best. Rightttt?

Whoah! And you! You wished to read in perfect silent. So here, I go on and on. I have a very little to say for my own conduct. I was tempted by attentions and allowed myself to appear pleased. An old story, probably a common sense and no more than has happened to my thousand words before, and yet it may not be the more excusable in one who sets up as I do for understanding. Many circumstances assisted the temptation. I am alone, still not working and continuing to miss you. Yes, the babbling are meant to say I am missing you. And, when will you give a reply? Eh? :)

If you got it, flaunt it. I am going for a jog! :)



Anonymous said...
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Sheriel Aizan said...

thanks kay-ul :)

alexa yussida said...

best baca cite sheriel...dah macam baca novel :) mybe sbb ssh nk jupe blog yg tulis in english kut(except anwarhadi)..hihi

Sheriel Aizan said...

yeke, ada ramai lagi orang melayu yang tulis blog in english and diorang punya lagi best dari saya :D anwarhadi ada blog eh? yang tahu dia punya youtube je, kena cari ni! thanks anyways alexa! :)