Aku benci!


So long as my mind is full of disagreeable thoughts about my dislikes and sour opinions of people and my determination not to be pleased by or interested in anything. Yes! I know! Too much complications in self! My yellow skin is going to be bad tan, fired, sickly and bored.

Circumstances, however, are very kind to me, though I am not at all aware of them. They began to push me about for my own good. When my mind gradually filled myself with books, house crowded with happiness, cute kids to visit, welcoming short holidays and the rest to be spent with working.

Okay, let's return to this, 'Hello Sheriel! I am Exam Fever. However my assistant, Good Mood didn't come today as she's going to meet her boyfriend.'

Argh! There's no room left for disagreeable thoughts which affected my liver and digestion which makes me yellow and tired.

Yeah, still got some time for babbling. Crap!

Selamat Ber-Exam la semua! Semoga berjaya hendaknya. Amin.

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