Whitey white.

Assalamualaikum semua :)

The true lenses are heart corporates with brain. Both must be innocent. I have wondered why 'White' always adored as pure. Detergent commercials night and day pointing out the new white school uniform as clean, 'Wah, seperti baju baru! Gunalah Daia!' Whatever.

For myself, that is not true. How do you know that new plus white equals to clean. Kau tipu tipu tipu aku lagi. You bought it involuntarily realizing that has been used by someone else. Who knows? It might has fallen in the stool. Yark! You just then fessed it up as clean.

The resemblance associates with life. Pretty doesn't mean to be kind. White skin is not impossible to lie. Looks can be deceiving. Back to the top, use your 'lenses' to capture all the 'features'. It may be blurry so wipe them!

Sheriel Ainnur, Sheriel Aizan, Mama, Sheriel Aida.

Mama: How do you spell 'kekenyangan'?
Me: k-e-k-e-n-y-a-n-g ... *burp
Mama: Tak senonoh!
Me: Hahaha! When it comes to spelling, just don't ask me!
Sheriel Aida: Okay, lets spell 'kekentukan'!
Mama and Me: Suruh Adik!
Sheriel Ainnur: I don't think you want to smell it!
Everyone: Hahahahaha!

This is 'white'. Being honest. :D


alexa yussida said...

interesting..n the dialogue made me smile:) korg nmpk macam mmber je..ur mom vogue sgt..tehee

Sheriel Aizan said...

Thank you doctor! :)
kannnn, somehow i feel i look older than my mom! :D

Ummu said...

nice entry.i love purple. tetibe.

Kuncup Here said...

baby ! i found your header was interesting ! hehe :D buat kan i satu bole kaaaa ??

HEROICzero said...




ya, betul juga kan?


Sheriel Aizan said...

@ummu, errr, is there any purple stuff here??? :D

Sheriel Aizan said...

@kuncup, SURE BABE! Jom keluar tengok merong mahawangsa dulu! :D

Sheriel Aizan said...

@heroic, :)