Mar 22, 2011

Surfing the Diary Sheets

I can clearly see now that I had been badly mistaken in my hope that a week of 'still knowing each other' is just something normal. But sadly say, it's not. I don't say I am in love with him. I mean, not yet. Yes. Like. Sort of. That feeling - as impossible as it seemed. How can I feel so strongly about him in such a short amount of time? I don't have the answer.

'Granted, if I met him earlier, I mean a year before, we probably are seeing each other now. Err! This is insane! How can after a week, I'd be so ready to spend the rest of my life with him? Hah?' Monologue.

Yes, I've tried to analyze the situation, to see if I am in the throes of infatuation.

He is smart, kind and funny. He is warm to his friends and family, yet no tendency to flirt with just about everyone. Okay? How can you be so sure, Sheriel Aizan? He is open-minded to new things, new ideas, different view-points. While he had his own opinions, he didn't dismiss those of others. What he didn't know about a topic, he was eager asking me - to learn. It's his intelligence and wit that drew me to him in the first place, but his humor held my attention.

I am going crazy. Yes, right now.

-February 22, 2008

Three years of chocolate candy sweetness and several times of chewing sour gums had sketched up my future. Now, I can see the decorations of Bohemian house, bright color filters painted everywhere, large portrait of us in white hangs casually attracting everyone to see. So his favorite masak lemak ikan patin is already served for lunch. And after lunch we sit on the couch, eating ice-cream together. We spend our times at weekend - badmintoning and so on and on. Too much imagination eh? Sorry.

-March 22, 2011


Anonymous said...

Bohemian house is buruk Sheriel! :D

Sheriel Aizan said...

Bohemian house is nice lah. I love something wild! Rawr! :D

Anonymous said...

aku xtaw plak kau ad bf sbb aku rase ni 1st time kot kau tulis pasal die.selame ni xnmpk pon!dang!aku gile stalk kau kot fine ar kan.siap pggl chunk lg.btw,aku rse kau cute dah so tak pyh nk berdiet sgt pon ok.kalau chunk kau mrh,kau ckp ngan aku.aku ade,kikikiki

Sheriel Aizan said...

errr *awkward moment
hahaha, aku rasa aku kenal kau dan kau saja tulis perkara yang mengundang macam ni sebab nak bagi aku feel perasan!
tak perasan pun lah sebenarnya ;p

Aiman Ariffin said...

awww sounds like ure having those romantic chapter moments hehe.

Just enjoy the ride and see where it will take you. Dont think too much ;)

Sheriel Aizan said...

:) I believe to take it slow so go with the flow. Hope it takes me where I should be. Thank you Aiman Ariffin :)

Anonymous said...

kau tulis:
errr *awkward moment
hahaha, aku rasa aku kenal kau dan kau saja tulis perkara yang mengundang macam ni sebab nak bagi aku feel perasan!
tak perasan pun lah sebenarnya ;p

aku reply balik:
okay fine, siapa aku?entah2 kau salah org!

Sheriel Aizan said...

Kau ni tak bawak kapal terbang ke harini? Hah Anuar bin Zainal? Kau sorang je perangai macam ni. Dah lah typing style tu obvious gile!

Belajar dengan gigih lagi okay? ;p


NuarZainal said...

yelah angah hebat!aku nk dtg ghumah kau sok,ad kerja kt kem tu so singgh terus r nnti,mak kau jnji nk msk tomyam utk aku.kau blik awal skit ah sok teman aku jumpe awek cyber!kikiki
dah r!semak komen byk2 sini,pegi tido!final da dkat,jgn asyik jiwang surfing diary lah ape

HEROICzero said...

auu sweet~!!


gud luck!