The Poet

At the intersection you can hear the clock and people's footsteps,
At the intersection, sometimes, a car is smashed up,
only to turn up again.
The moon on the clock face,
the hands keep turning........

I love spiritual stuff, the cluster of beads - healing all the sorrows while glorifying HIM. Somehow I found myself certain that happiness is a snare and a delusion. Let's see. Each birth was celebrated with joy, cakes and ale. So what happen when somebody dies? Yeah, the cries take too age-long to stop. Why don't you save the happiness a bit so that you won't suffer for mourning? Hem?


HEROICzero said...

kenapa tidak kita bergembira dan hargai selagi ada. kurang2 tiada penyesalan nanti. kan?

Sheriel Aizan said...

yeah, absolutely, entri ni entri emo sebenarnya, so what was written prone to be pathetic and miserable mood! hehehe ;p