Nak shushu?

Assalamualaikum. :)

Enthusiasm asks me to revel everyone about cats! So, here we go!

I have this mommy cat whom we call her, Bubu. I actually don't know what breed she is cause her flower tail looks like she's might be a Persian so as her kemek face. However, her kemek face no longer remains after she gave birth for two times. We brought her to vet once (only once cause it's too expensive), checked for fleas but suddenly the doctor reported us for worms in her stomach. So, I guess that has caused her to get thin day after day. She's still consuming such pills and vitamins. *sigh

So, last three weeks Mama called me and excitedly telling me that Bubu had gave birth for four kittens IN MY OVEN! Yes peeps, it is oven. My oven is actually under the stove which they combined together as in one box. So, my prediction is, the oven was actually opened by I don't know who and Bubu was really sick and couldn't think of any other places to deliver. Haish! Macam-macam. Though it sounds super funny and as if weird but crestfallenly, I can't bake anything. Yet. Being skeptical whether it's teetotally.. err.. trouble-free?

Aha, the four kittens are wonderfully wonderful! I am so head over heels attracted to these skittish kids. They yawn, they on all fours, they open their eyes so wide and when they are hungry, they make the poor face as if, 'Lapar lah Kak Ngah. Puhlish puhlish panggil Ummi kitorang. Kitorang nak shushu!' Aww! That's so terribly adorable! Kannnnn! :D

This is Bubu.

p/s: Tak ada nama lagi. Tolong derma nama please. :)


Anonymous said...

Nak satu bolehhhhhhhhhhh takkkkkkkkkkk!!!! GERAMMMMMMMM!!!! hehe

Sheriel Aizan said...

Boleh! :)

Bedaduz said...

don't forget to follow me k?
n ur cats sure are cute! rasa cm nak cubit2!!

Sheriel Aizan said...

oh, baru tahu kamu punya belog
okayyy, i'll follow you
kannnnn! datang lah rumah, boleh cubit2, hehe

Anonymous said...

omg comel gilerrrrrr..dahla sumer mata biru.. comel comel! -najad

Sheriel Aizan said...
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Sheriel Aizan said...

kan kan kan :D nanti najad datang lah rumah kak sheriel, pastu boleh main kittens, pastu boleh ajar kak sheriel buat cupcakes! ;p

watagoal said...

letak name bebe pown boleh..baru manchester cket...

Sheriel Aizan said...

bebe? apemende tuh? haha