Jantan? SHUH! oh! Happy Women's Day!

JANTAN? Do you know what is Jantan?

According to my proficiency dictionary, Jantan is a man who has narrow minded yet swanks nothing, neither intelligence nor moneybags and loves highlighting his foolishness with crap ideologies! Not to forget, a bully!

Example Jantan no. 1:

'Kalau you kahwin dengan I, I tak nak you pergi kerja!'
'I nak you jaga anak-anak dekat rumah.'
'I have a family to take care of.'
'You have other siblings don't you? Kakak abang you boleh bagi duit.'
'Then, siapa nak bayar duit ptptn I?'
'You can work then, but we have to a plan. No kids until you finish pay duit ptptn tu!'

My comment: Jantan jenis kedek. By not permitting your wife to work, I thought you are really nice, so that your kids would have full-time supervision. But then, the issue of money was brought up and you started claiming irresponsibilities. Hey kedek! Once you married to that girl, you are married to the girl's family too. Hence, you are automatically responsible for all the expenses, hospitalities etcetera etcetera. Even the yokes are too much, they are perpetually insured on your shoulder.

Example Jantan no. 2:

Kak Leya,

'My husband was accused for cramming the company's money. So he was kicked out. We were all (with one kid - 5 years old) sad for 3 years. I was not working at that time. So I started learning passionately how to make cupcakes and Alhamdulillah, we taste the successes. But now, the gladsome controller suddenly switched into a horrible family problem. My husband has an affair with someone else. Using my cupcakes' sales, night club is now his first home. Not second but first. The second home is his girlfriend's house and the third, likewise doesn't exist anymore is you know which. He makes himself seems even crueler than Hitler- for every fight between him and that bitch, he had told me in deep details and asking for advice. Deep-in my veins ran the fireworks of being tortured like a slave. Asking for a divorce? He won't give me a chance. Otherwise, I thank him for wounds and sores.'

My comment: Jantan jenis lahanat. It's your wife's money you wear off, to be frank, I know dari seluar dalam yang kau pakai sampai lah handkerchief, semua duit Kak Leya! You are very dayus the fact that you contribute nothing for the family. Money, love and the nafkah. Don't you think that it's really awkward for your wife for every love stories you told her? I know self-pity is not Kak Leya's style but like seriously she should feel sorry for herself as she has a psychopathic husband. Damn you Zaki!

Example Jantan no. 3:

Perempuan: Sayang, I nak pergi Personality-course weekend ni. Do you want to join me?
Jantan: Berapa kena bayar?
Perempuan: Rm120 per person. Jom!
Jantan: WTF! Mahal gila! Daripada mengarut join benda-benda macam tu baik beli baju.
Perempuan: It's really beneficial lah. Bukan mengarut!
Jantan: Apasal? You tak kenal diri you lagi ke sampai nak pergi personality course? Weh, kalau dah susah tu buat cara susah, tak payah nak terikut-ikut dengan rentak room mates you tu!

My comment: Jantan jenis tak pernah cerdik. First of all, to be clarified here, none of us ever influence each other. And, what's the problem when your girlf labors to improve herself. Please do not down-grade her-insulting her like she's your hangdog! I believe one day you will regret for what you have said. Your daughter will be lowed by someone as goofy as you. Aha!

Dear women, in conjunction with Women's Day, I hereby hail for a wake-up call. Women are heading towards catastrophe when you don't have mercy for yourselves. You let the men to hit you yet you know it's a marriage bully. You dress up seems naked yet you claim it as sexual harassment when men look at you. Please do not be a BETINA or you want me to create another post. UH Oh! ;p Women in Islam are highly respected. It's proved by Surah An-Nisa' in the Al-Quran. Dignity of women lies on her bashfulness, cleverness and honors.

Jom sama-sama jaga akhlak kita! :)

To women, shake! High five! Salam!