I will marry you.

'Ahh! Again? A wedding?'
'Nope! Engagement day! Pergi bersiap!'

Please, do not expect me to get on the mark too fast, as I am the one who hates attending this kind of loveliness and comeliness traditions. Reason? Because, I'd feel so much burdens of pretending to be happy for the bride. Syok lah kau kahwin awal kan? Cis!

Okay okay! Yes, it's a joke, merely a deception! ;p I LOVE WEDDING SO MUCH! The foods, the photography session, the laughs and all people around never temp to reduce the carving on their lips, smile. :)

So, this day we got an invitation for an engagement day at our close relative's house. The bride to be is my cousin, I call her Kakak.

'Congratulation kakak!'
'Thank you so much dear!'
'The groom didn't come?'
'Nope! He had this swelling stuff on his cheek. Terhantuk kat meja. Mamai bangun tidur.'
'Serious? Is he okay?'
'Dia dah pergi klinik. Maybe okay. I don't know.' *mean laugh to say

*Imagine by John Lennon

'Hello yang. Are sure you don't want to come? The cameraman cakap dia boleh edit picture yang ada bengkak-bengkak dekat muka.'


'Okay lah kalau macam tu. I tak nak gambar jadi cacat.' *mean laugh, again.

I guess the future husband really had an ardor to pinch Kakak's cheek so that they will have the swelling together. Awww! :D

Well, actually, I was kinda sad because we missed to watch the gamut of dramatic emotions from brief to joy. The time we arrived, everyone was just prating at each other, some had gave forth their didos, kids. :)

The menu for today:
1. Nasi kukus
2. Asam pedas ikan tenggiri
3. Ayam goreng rempah
4. Sayur campur
5. Meehoon/Mee sup
6. Buah tembikai
7. Jeli kelapa
8. Kuih koci
9. Sirap limau

Kan dah cakap! This kind of hustle guarantees you great foods! Tehee! :D

Ahaa! I met this cute 'peace-maker' dude, Aiman. Handsome kot! Sorry lah ye, chunk.

Moving on, we finally decided on our 'baju nikah', both were in white with grand glimmers. On the ride home, he bellowed out songs, our love songs and kept telling me how pretty I would be in the dress and how excited he was. We told each other that we will definitely buck up on our wedding day!


Thanks for reading. Assalamualaikum :)


Anonymous said...

Your couzzy ada salon kat ampang ke babe?i think i know her!!!

Sheriel Aizan said...

i dont know if she owns the salon but she works there :D hehe