From Langkasuka to Rome

Today I shall post a 'miserable' excuse for a new entry on blog and get away with it. Yes, it's my blog.

Currently reading 'Alexander adalah Zulkarnain'. Throughout 175 pages I've read, Wisnu really determined in proving the great Alexander is Muslim and a descendant of King Philips from Macedonia. The writer reserved the rights of obtaining kudos and write-up for any books reviewer since the grounds are veritable peeled and genuine from Al-Quran, hadith and opinions from great scholars. So I recommend you to buy, read and judge by yourself. Halfway through reading this, I can't say I believe the writer up to the hilt because myself have no chance splitting the sources either they are absolutely true. Maybe, someday? :)

Last week has been aright excitement with family. We went to Taman Pertanian Cahaya Seri Alam (I don't really remember the name cause it's freaky long). We called ourselves this sort of adrenaline junkies (though not junkie enough), uphill and downhill cycling well-to-do for a first-timer. Heh! We've been chilling around together, mingling with the monkeys was pretty fun! And the ticket price is really reasonable. JOM!

p/s: I've met this chick wearing the same cardigan as mine and we both smiled at each other. Could hear she told her boyfriend, 'Mesti dia beli kat cotton on jugak kan bie?' Hahaha.

The most 'decent'.

p/s: Some pictures are not available as it might appear too obscene for some.

And I've already watched Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa. 'Please check out the video on youtube to see a spectacular mash up trailer!' It's too late to say that eh? Before the movie was released, it's some kind of a rare phenomenon for Malaysians to speak it loud, recommending friends on twitter to watch the movie. Perhaps, it's because of the trailer.

For myself, I shall give the production a big applause for great script writings and the attempts for making it big and dandy. However, I could see some of the effects are fake and blurry, especially when the scene is zoomed out. And the angles to take the shots are inappropriate to be categorized as a marvel movie. Though I know, KRU is still new to stack up with Universal or Disney but compliments should be given to them. They worked hard to show the outsiders what Malaysians can do.

So, congrats KRU! :)

I am looking for the longing pantun in the movie, couldn't remember the whole 4 lines, vaguely ringing in memory. Anyone?

And, that is all.


NuarZainal said...

The whole story should be in Malay. Dulu kan Malay language was established as lingua franca?
happy studying btw :)

Sheriel Aizan said...

Maybe yes, maybe not for Romans.

Thanks Nuar. Nak ole-ole tau. Please remember! :D

HEROICzero said...

Sampainya masa tibanya waktu, redup hati kaum berdua, bila dua jasad bersatu, hidup mati jadi bersama.

yang ini hu?


Sheriel Aizan said...

Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you! :)