Feb 28, 2011

Jom Ziarah Orang Sakit!

I was streaked by the fact that I sacrificed my weekend-stay at hostel for the first time throughout this semester since it began at December. A swish attainment to tell eh?

I never enjoyed any social service before at UIA. But Adibah insisted me to participate on Karisma's Ziarah Hospital program so I didn't turn down. To be frank, this is the first time I had actually gone excitedly for a humanitarian service in consort with friends.

We got to hear the talk on visiting sick people two days before the trip to Hospital Selayang. A fatal touch on how to treat the patients and the 'doa' to recite. Shall reveal some for the weals, later. :)

So fast forward to the day itself, I was determining to spend the time at children's ward but regardless of having the chance, the committee asked me for a decorating work. I moaned for seconds but thought that would entertain the kids so I got hold to the plan.

We only had 2 hours to fin and that couldn't be done as expected. So the committee brought the works back to UIA and they'll continue decorating the wall on the next trip. *sigh

The troop was ready to countermarch-cum-I scurried into the library-clicking and shuttering. There, I met this 6-months sweetie who brooks for asthma. She's cute, adorable and I couldn't help by not feel sorry for her. *Kecik-kecik dah sakit :'( Semoga cepat sembuh!

"Aku berlindung kepada keagungan dan kekuasaan Allah dari keburukan yang aku dapati dan aku takutkan"

Okay! Assalamualaikum.


Kuncup Here said...

ohh cantek gambar awak :)

Sheriel Aizan said...

terima kasih awak :)