I don't even understand myself

'Well, let me reiterate that I am totally busy. Are you okay? I hope you understand, don't you?'
'Ya, I understand.'

Then all the weepings and wailings could be heard throughout space in the room.

Okay! Actually, that is just an example, literally an example. To be exact, I don't even satisfy with my gender in some cases. Heh! Nature of women ourselves are soft and fragile. But, I do not deny that sometimes we commit fraud. Please do not misunderstand!

We lie to make you don't feel bad.

Have you (you refers to guy) ever wondered about this strange thing. She said she understands you but then she sighed, crestfallen, and later, cried. I don't even understand that why. But, basically based on the experiences of myself, I tried to have this some kind of gallant endurance to impress myself that I am good, I don't intend to blame anyone so I said I understand to cut all the craps later and I believe I understand the situation. I cried then because I had found it was hard to accept and I couldn't doubt more that the wicked was me! Too much complicated huh?

Somehow, delirium had snuck up onto my brain so I pushed myself hard. I forced myself to understand then sat morosely at my bed, thinking. The ultimate reason of looking like a specter.

Hello Mr.Smile! Please kiss my lips!

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